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Save hours in time by being productive efficiently.



We can supply systems to meet demands for any business

iOS and Android

Simple access to your POS with Apple iOS® or Android®


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Works online/offline

Software for your POS system

Quick & easy installation, inventory management, employee management, customer management and more..


Software specialised for your business:
Let’s have a look at some of the features for Restaurants & Bars

Inventory Management

Keep those shelves, refrigerators and freezers stocked. Supply and demand at it’s best.

Customer Management

Focusing on your customer’s needs as well as increasing your business’s sales by offering incentives and more.

Staff Management

Give access rights to certain employees, issue swipe cards and allow your employees to clock in. It’s all there for you to effectively manage your staff.

Easy to Use

Plug and play, quick to install, clear and concise with step by step videos online.

Make reservations

Hold orders, put it on a tab, fully book your tables and keep your customers coming.

Insights with Reports

Check the performance of products and use the data collected to make better decisions for your business

Print Receipts

Print personalised receipts with wireless, wired and thermal (inkless) printing at speed.

Multiple payment options

Take contactless card payments, accept chip and pin cards and even Apple Pay®.

Award winning 24/7 Support

Online tutorials, step by step manuals and a dedicated tech team to solve any issues quickly.

Support Overview

The support included with POS is a great help and the knowledge base is huge. We have a dedicated page that has all of the information you require.

The tech team are always happy to help in the unlikely event of a problem with the software or hardware. We have videos, call centres and tech teams to give you peace of mind. Online support is 24/7, so you can contact us anytime.

Josh Williams

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Cafe Moccachoka


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