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3 Ways Social Media Can Step up your Sales

Social media has become the most important marketing tool for small retail and hospitality businesses. found 96% of people asked use social media marketing. If you’re not using it or you’re not using it to its full potential, here are 3 key steps to harnessing the power of social media and in turn, increasing your sales:

3 Ways Social Media Can Step up your Sales

1) Facebook is your friend!

While larger businesses and those in other industries, may be all over LinkedIn, for you - Facebook is where the magic happens. Many small businesses already use Facebook, but do they know if it is working? Only 1 in 3 of those using it would say their efforts are effective.

Social media marketing does take time. Reports show it can be a year before businesses start to see real returns but all the time that you are using social media you will be building brand awareness and relationships with customers. These actions ultimately lead to new customers and repeat business.

Using Facebook also allows you to spend less on advertising. You can boost a post on Facebook for as little as £1 per day! These little changes can increase your exposure and bring more traffic to web site

2) Content is king!

On Facebook as well as other social media, it is not all about hard selling. Get personal. Tell non-product related stories. Has your store had a revamp? Has your café hosted a local community event? People love to hear about these things and will associate your business with a wider range of interests. Ask questions. You can do polls on Facebook so ask opinions of your Facebook audience. What is their favourite book, or food, etc.? Relate it to the products or services you sell.

3) #Hashtags!

On both Facebook and Instagram, hashtags are a great way of drawing people to your account and your content. And they are absolutely free! If it’s world cake day, add a picture of a cheesecake #Worldcakeday. This hashtag will be trending, and people will be searching for it. So they will find your business!

There are also hashtags which are universally popular, all of the time. #love, for example. Link these hashtags to good relevant content. Maybe you could show some employee appreciation, and include a photo of an employee at work, adding a hashtag.

All these tips add to your relatability, and build your brand. Spending a small amount of time on social media, consistently, can really pay off. From small acorns grow mighty oaks!

Claire at WOWPOS
Claire is a WOWPOS Consultant specialising in helping small businesses in the retail and hospitality industry to grow their businesses using EPOS Solutions.

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