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5 ways to get your Restaurant booming

5 ways to get your Restaurant booming

1.Customers being able to order and prepay for their food

There has been a lot of technological advances around the hospitality area in the past few years, but recently there has been a major breakthrough in being able to order and prepay for your food using apps such as Allset which will allow the customer to order their food and have it ready for them when they arrive. It would be profitable for you to link your restaurant with these applications because it will be a unique selling point as customers will not have to wait for a table or even for their food which will meet their customer needs and wants as they will not have to queue for a table or wait for their food. This will lead to customers wanting to prepay for their food which will lead to them coming to your restaurant as you will have the technology to do so which will increase the sales of your restaurant.

2.Promotional offers for certain days of the week

You may find that certain days of the week are slow for business such as a Monday or Tuesday due to people being at work or having work the next day, this may affect your sales dramatically. One way you can help boost sales one these days is by having promotional offers for certain days of the week so on a Monday you could have an offer such as bottles of wine for half price or two for one on alcoholic drinks. This could lead to the customers deciding to visit the restaurant on a Monday as they know that they will be able to get special deals which will persuade them to visit during the week instead of just at the weekend. This should lead to more people coming to your restaurant on your quiet days as they do not want to miss out on the deals which will lead to the overall sales of the restaurant increasing. If you know there is a university situated near you then you could do a student night as students will not have the same responsibilities as your regular customers so will go out on a Thursday or Tuesday. This will give you the opportunity to bring in a lot of business on a weekday by offering half price meals and drinks to anyone who has a student card, this will attract the students because they know they will be able to have a meal and a drink for cheap which will also increase the sales of the restaurant.

3. Have a unique feature which will stand out

Many restaurants have one feature that will stand out from the rest and will lure the customers in from the street and will want them to eat there instead of anywhere else. The features can vary from the products which are sold to how the restaurant is laid out. For example, Red Dog Saloon stands out from restaurants because they do large sized portions and challenges which will lead to people seeing them and going to the restaurant as they will want to experience it and know they will not be able to anywhere else. The feature should be noticeable when people are walking by the restaurant for example, if there is a signature dish then there should be something advertising it outside the restaurant so it will catch people’s eyes and will lure them into the restaurant which will increase the number of customers leading to the sales increasing and will lead to the restaurant becoming more popular.

4. Having a significant social media presence

Throughout the years, social media has gotten bigger and bigger and has had more of an impact on businesses as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have become bases for businesses to increase their brand awareness and to promote their products. Social media is a key tool in promoting your restaurant so you should ensure that you have a Facebook and Twitter account which is updated regularly as that will build up a following on the platforms and will lead to people finding out about your restaurant which will lead to them wanting to come and visit the restaurant which will increase the number of customers and will increase the sales. Once your social media has a larger following then you will be able to promote your offers and products more effectively as more people will see the tweet or post which will lead to them acknowledging them and coming to the restaurant leading to the restaurant getting busier and the sales increasing.

5. Focus on Customer Service

When visiting a restaurant, the customers will have a lot of contact with the staff so it is very important that you train your staff effectively so that they know how to deal with the customers effectively and correctly. This is because customer service is vital in a restaurant because if the service is poor and the customers are waiting a long time for their food then their needs and wants will not be met which will lead to them giving a bad review and could lead to them not coming back to the restaurant. However, if a customer has a good experience and the staff are polite and help them as much as they can then they may choose to become a loyal customer and repeat purchase and recommend the restaurant to friends and family which will lead to the restaurant becoming busier and the sales increasing.

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