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EPOS systems for sale

At WOWPOS, we have high quality EPOS system for sale. Our EPOS systems offer a wide range of features which will ensure that your business can operate efficiently and will allow you to offer your customers a high level of customer service. Here a few reasons why WOWPOS have the best EPOS systems for sale.

Standalone System

At WOWPOS, we do not believe in cloud based systems, this is why we use windows to operate our EPOS solutions. Cloud based systems will require a certain strength of internet connection to operate. This means that if the internet went down or your internet connection was slow, your EPOS system will not be able to operate leading to you being unable to serve your customers which will decrease your customer service and will have a negative effect on your sales. When you purchase an EPOS system from WOWPOS, we will ensure that your EPOS system can work without internet. This means that if the internet is cut off, you will still be able to serve your customers effectively. This will increase your customer service and will lead to your sales growing. Cloud Based EPOS systems will send all of their data to the cloud which means that if the cloud goes down or gets hacked, your data will be vulnerable and could be accessed by unauthorised persons. At WOWPOS, our standalone system ensures that all data is kept securely and our system is not vulnerable to intruders. This reduces the chance of your data being lost. This proves that we offer one of the most secure EPOS systems for sale.

No Monthly Costs

At WOWPOS, we do not believe in charging our customers monthly costs. This is why when you purchase our EPOS system, you will only have to pay for the system that you have ordered. This means that after you have paid for your EPOS system, you will not be charged any more by WOWPOS. This will keep your business costs down which will allow your business to make money instead of spending it. Other EPOS companies will charge £30-£50 a month which can result in your business having to pay an extra £600 a year. When you buy an EPOS from WOWPOS, we will help you increase your profits as we want to help small businesses become successful.

Stock Control

The WOWPOS EPOS system will include an automated stock control module, this means that the business owner will not have to manually count the stock at the end of every day. This will save your business a lot of time and will allow you to focus your time on more important aspects of the business. When a sale is made, the EPOS system will automatically take the stock off of the stock number. This means at the end of day; the EPOS will provide you with a stock count. Due to the stock count being automated, the stock number will be of a higher accuracy as there is less room for human error. This will enable you to identify any missing stock which will reduce the  chance of theft and loss. When your stock reaches its minimum level, your supplier will be notified and an order will be sent to your business immediately. This will ensure that your business always has sufficient stock to serve customers.

Keep your Employees in shape

The WOWPOS EPOS systems for sale will give you an increased level of control over your stock. This is possible because your employees will be able to log into individual accounts. This will allow you to see how many sales each employee makes. This will enable you to ensure that all employees are upselling and are reaching their daily sales targets. Our EPOS solution will give you the ability to ensure that all of your employees are fulfilling their job role which will allow your business to operate efficiently and will allow you to serve your customers at a higher level. Our system will allow your employees to clock into work using the EPOS system. This will allow you to ensure that employees are turning up to work on time and are not leaving early. This will ensure that your establishment is sufficiently staffed at all times.

Lifetime Support

When you purchase an EPOS system from WOWPOS, you will not need to be an expert in EPOS systems. This is because as soon as you purchase your EPOS, you will be eligible for our free lifetime support. This means that whenever you have a query or issue, you will be able to contact our 24/7 technical support team. Our technical support team are a group of experienced EPOS technicians who have a wide knowledge regarding EPOS solutions. This means that any queries or issues that you have will be answered or fixed which will lead to your EPOS system being able to operate efficiently at all times which will allow you to continue to put a smile on your customer’s face. When your EPOS system is delivered, our technical team will call you up and will guide you through the simple set up of your EPOS system. This will enable you to be able to use your EPOS system in a matter of minutes.

Keep your Customer coming back

As a small business, it is crucial for you to keep your customers loyal as you will rely on the repeat purchases to survive and compete with your more established competitors. With our EPOS solution, you will be able to offer loyalty schemes and will be able to provide your loyal customers with loyalty cards. This means that every time they purchase an item from your store, they will be able to swipe their loyalty card to record their transaction. Once they reach a specified number of transactions on their loyalty card, the employee will be notified that the customer is eligible for a discounted price or a complimentary item. Rewarding your customers will encourage them to repeat purchase and be loyal to your establishment. This will allow you to compete with your more established competitors.

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