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How is OmniPOS different to traditional EPOS systems?

WOWPOS designed OmniPOS to offer business owners a higher level of control over their business which traditional EPOS systems cannot provide. Our technicians have designed OmniPOS to cater for any needs that a hospitality business may have. OmniPOS has a wide range of features that allows your establishment to offer a higher level of customer service which traditional EPOS systems would not be able to provide.

Standalone System

OmniPOS is one of the only cloud based EPOS systems which does not rely on the internet in order to work. Many traditional cloud based EPOS systems will always require an internet connection to work which means that if your internet connection goes down or is slow, then you will not be able to use your system to serve customers. At WOWPOS, we combined the power of the cloud and the independence of standalone systems which enables OmniPOS to have access to all of the benefits of the cloud but will still be able to work if there is not an internet connection available. This means that you will never have to reject a sale.

Use from any location or device

At WOWPOS, we understand the struggle of only being able to access your software from your till. However, unlike traditional EPOS systems, OmniPOS enables you to access your till from any device. This means that if you want to access your reports or edit products, you will be able to use your laptop or mobile to do this while your staff continue to serve employees. As a business owner, we understand that your time will be very precious which is why we will allow you to access your till from any location as long as you have an internet connection. This means that you can see how your business is performing even when you are on the train.

Does not require new hardware

One of the major disadvantages with traditional POS systems is that the majority of them will need new hardware when you purchase the software which makes the cost increase substantially. However, all OmniPOS needs to operate is any device which has an internet connection. This means that you could even turn your laptop into a till. OmniPOS will also work on other company’s hardware which means that you do not need to be a current WOWPOS customer in order to have the chance to upgrade your system. The only thing that you will require to transform your business is the OmniPOS software.


At WOWPOS, we cater for small businesses by making our software affordable for any business. This is because we understand that as a small business, you will need all the money possible to survive and compete against your more established competitors. OmniPOS aims to take up minimal space in your company’s budget by charging you the cheap price of £24.99 per month. That’s a very affordable price in order to transform your business. At WOWPOS, we don’t believe in locking you into a contract and charging you for a product that you no longer want. This is why we give you the opportunity to cancel your OmniPOS subscription at any time.

Exclusive Online Chat

At WOWPOS, we understand that when you have an issue or question which needs solving, you will need a solution as soon as possible so that you can continue to serve customers. We also understand that you will not have the time to call the support team or email them. This is why OmniPOS has an exclusive online chat feature which enables you to communicate with the technicians straight from the till. Our support team will provide you with an answer or solution within a matter of seconds. This will dramatically reduce the downtime of your system and will allow you to continue serving customers. This proves that OmniPOS offers features that traditional EPOS systems can only dream of providing.


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