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How offering Complimentary items can benefit your restaurant?

When offering free items, restaurants will usually be concerned about the loss of profit because they will not be making a return on the products that they give out. However, offering complimentary items can actually boost the profit margin of your restaurant over a long period of time.

How offering Complimentary items can benefit your restaurant?

Raises Awareness

The increased popularity of social media and technology has made it very easy for news to spread across the population. This means that if you offered free appetizers or drinks in your restaurant, customers will post this on social media and will tell their friends which will lead to more people knowing about your complimentary items. This will lead to more people wanting to come to your restaurant because they will not want to miss out on the free products. This will increase the popularity of your restaurant and will lead to your restaurant becoming busier.

Encourages first time customers

Offering complimentary items will encourage consumers who have never tried your food to visit your restaurant because they will not have the risk of paying for the food and then not liking it. This will show the first time customers the quality of your food and will show them what they are missing out on. This will lead to them wanting to visit the restaurant again and becoming loyal which will have a positive impact on the sales of your restaurant. Once they try your food, they will continue coming back for more.

Lures your customers’ in

Offering free items will lure customers into your restaurant and then once they are in your restaurant, they will usually end up spending more money in your establishment. This shows that it is beneficial to provide customers with a complimentary item because it will lead to them buying more products in your restaurant which will increase the revenue of your restaurant. For example, if you offer a free drink to all of your customers, it will lead to them deciding to visit your restaurant and then buying more drinks after they have had their free ones. A free drink is a cheap price to pay in order to increase your competitiveness by allowing customers to choose your restaurants over competitor’s.

Increases forgiveness of customers

If your customer has a complaint or problem with your service, they will be more likely to forgive your restaurant and forget about the issue if you provide them with complimentary items. This will allow you to witness the learning curves of using new systems or training new employees without losing precious customers. This shows that offering free items is an effective way of retain customer’s loyalty even if they have had a bad experience at your restaurant.

Positive Image

The best way to please your customers is by offering them free items without expecting anything in return for them. This will help customers to create a relationship with your restaurant as customers will feel valued and will have a positive opinion about your restaurant. You should offer a free snack instead of a percentage of off a meal because even if they will be receiving a bigger discount if they get a percentage off of their meal, they will react better if they receive something which is completely free. This is because they will be receiving a product without having to part with their money.

Creates regular customers

When you offer complimentary items, it will encourage new customers to try your food. This will lead to them being likely to return to your restaurant as they know that they will receive a high quality meal and customer experience. This will enable you to gain new customer which is a very difficult task and once they have visited your restaurant once, they will feel comfortable eating at your restaurant which will lead to them becoming regular customers. Gaining new customers is much harder than retaining customers as consumers will keep their buying habits. Offering complimentary items will make it much easier for your restaurant to draw in first time customers which will increase your sales.

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