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How OmniPOS can increase the efficiency of your Restaurant

At WOWPOS, we understand that it is very stressful managing a business and it is difficult to ensure that your restaurant is running efficiently at all times. If your restaurant is not operating at a sufficient standard, you will not be able to offer a sufficient level of customer service to your customers which will lead to your restaurant being unable to meet their needs. This will lead to your restaurant’s sales struggling.

Staff Management

When you aim to improve the efficiency of your restaurant, it is essential to ensure that the staff are fulfilling their jobs role professionally. This is because the staff will be the people who are serving your customers and preparing your meals which means that if they are not fulfilling their job roles, you will not be able to satisfy the needs of your customers. This shows that it is crucial to have an efficient team of staff in order to run a successful restaurant. OmniPOS will give you an extensive control of your employees by enabling you to manage your employee’s performance. OmniPOS will enable you to create individual accounts for your employees which will allow you to monitor the sales of each employee which will ensure that all of your employees are reaching their sales target. OmniPOS gives you the opportunity to integrate your system with a clock in feature which enables you to record the time that your employees arrive at work and leave work. This ensures that your employees are working the hours that they are supposed to which will allow your restaurant to be sufficiently staffed at all times. OmniPOS will allow you to access all of your employee’s information straight from the till and will give you the option to place time limits on their working hours. This shows that you will not have to worry about your staff when you upgrade to OmniPOS.

Cost Effective

When you are running your restaurant, you may forget about the costs which you are incurring. In order to increase the efficiency of your restaurant, you should ensure that you keep your costs low so that your profit can rise. WOWPOS understands that you will not want to spend a large percentage of your budget on one investment which is why we offer the OmniPOS software at a cheap price of £24.99 per month. This shows that our software will not put a huge dent in the funds of your restaurant. However, you probably think that we will charge you a huge amount for the hardware? This is incorrect as our OmniPOS software will be compatible with any device you have which has connection to the internet. This means that you will even be able to use the software on your tablet or computer. Do you have old hardware which is gathering dust? Luckily for you, the OmniPOS software is compatible with any hardware even if it was from another EPOS Provider. This means that you can upgrade to OmniPOS even if you are a new customer. This shows that OmniPOS is the cost-efficient solution for you.

Interactive Reports

At WOWPOS, we understand that it will be difficult to monitor your business performance as you will have a very busy schedule. However, OmniPOS has the solution for you as we will provide you with a wide range of detailed, interactive reports which will ensure you that your business is running at optimal efficiency at all times. The Interactive Report feature will transform all of your system’s data into simple and interactive diagrams which will enable the business owner to find out information such as: Best sellers, profit and loss accounts and stock levels. Interactive Reports give you the information you need to make high impact decisions which will increase the efficiency and profitability of your restaurant. At WOWPOS, we understand that you may not always be in your establishment which is why we will allow you to access your reports from any device and location which has an internet connection. This means that you can check the performance of your restaurant even when you are on the train.

Multiple Integrations

At WOWPOS, We understand that you may have specific softwares that you use to increase the efficiency of your restaurant which is why we will enable you to integrate your applications with our software. This means that you will not need to open your applications from another device and will enable you to access them straight from your system. This will enable you to integrate your booking system which will increase the efficiency of your service as you will be able to prevent any overbookings and will be able to reduce the waiting times for your customers. OmniPOS has also teamed up with Orderlord which enables you to manage all of your deliveries efficiently and will prevent any deliveries being late which will increase customer retention and will lead to your customers placing frequent orders. Integrations enable OmniPOS to be the ultimate tool to increase the efficiency of your restaurant.

Exclusive Live Chat

At WOWPOS, we understand that any problems with your till will have a lot of damage on the efficiency of your restaurant. This is why the technicians at WOWPOS will be able to solve any issue or answer any question effectively. We have integrated an exclusive live chat feature into your OmniPOS software which means whenever you have an issue or question, you will be able to quickly communicate and receive an answer within a matter of seconds. OmniPOS will enable you to minimise the downtime of your system which means that you will never have to reject a sale.

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