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How OmniPOS satisfies the needs of your restaurant?

At WOWPOS, we understand that all restaurants will be different and will have unique needs. This is why OmniPOS is designed to meet all of the requirements that your restaurant may have. Your OmniPOS system will be set up depending on the needs of your restaurant. Here’s a few ways that OmniPOS will satisfy the needs of your restaurant.

Standalone System

Does your establishment have a poor internet connection? At WOWPOS, we understand that not all restaurants will have internet connections. This is why we have designed our system to be a standalone system which means that if your internet connection is weak or stops working, you will still be able to operate your till and serve your customers. This proves that OmniPOS meets all of your restaurant’s needs as you will not need an internet connection to put a smile on your customer’s faces. When you reconnect your system to the internet, all of the transactions you made offline will automatically synchronise to the cloud which will ensure that all of your data is updated and correct.

Personalised for your restaurant

At WOWPOS, we understand that it is crucial for your EPOS system to be suited to your restaurant’s needs. This is why when you first turn on your system, your software will be configured depending on the requirements of your restaurant. This allows your restaurant to have their menu already on the software which enables you to be able to serve customers straight away. OmniPOS will categorise your products so that your employees can easily locate all of the products on your till. This will enable your employees to increase the speed of service which will reduce the waiting times of customers. Do you have popular choices on your menu? OmniPOS enables you to assign hotkeys for certain meals which will enable employees to select the popular items quickly. This shows that OmniPOS will cater for all of the needs of your restaurant which enables you to provide your customers with a high-quality customer service.

Plug and Play

As a Restaurant owner, we understand that you will not have the time to set up a complex EPOS system. This is why at WOWPOS, we have designed OmniPOS to be plug and play. This means that as soon as you plug your system into a power source, you will be able to use your system to serve your customers. This shows that OmniPOS will not require any time-consuming installations or complex configurations which means that you will be able to use your till within minutes of taking it out of the box. OmniPOS meets your needs by allowing you to serve customers straight out of the box.


At WOWPOS, we understand that many restaurants have very limited space. This is why we have designed OmniPOS to have a compact base which means that it will take up very little room in your restaurant. We have also designed OmniPOS to be mobile which means that employees can move around with the system which means that you will not need to keep any space free for your EPOS system. The mobility of the OmniPOS system will allow you to serve customers at their table which will make their experience more personal which will increase the customer service of your restaurant. OmniPOS will increase the speed of your service as the staff will be able to send orders directly to the kitchen. This will lead to the kitchen receiving the order quicker which will enable them to prepare the meal quickly. This shows that OmniPOS will reduce the waiting times of your customers which will lead to them becoming satisfied and repeat purchasing. OmniPOS understands that it is crucial for restaurants to have loyal customers which is why OmniPOS will enable you to improve your restaurant’s level of customer service. This will lead to the customer’s needs being satisfied which will encourage them to become loyal and repeat purchase at your restaurant.

Personalised Reports

Do you have specific aspects of your restaurant that you need to focus on? At WOWPOS, we understand that not all business owners will need to know the same information about their business. This is why we allow you to personalise your dashboard so that you have quick access to the reports which affect your business the most. This will allow you to quickly see how your restaurant is performing in many aspects from any device. Unable to understand the reports? You will have the option to change the format of your reports so that you can fully understand the information of your restaurant.

OmniPOS is the right choice for your restaurant.

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