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How OmniPOS solves your restaurant's problems?

As a Restaurant owner, there are many problems that your restaurant will face while it is serving customers. However, there is no need to worry as OmniPOS has been designed to solve many of the common problems that your restaurant will face. Don’t let any problems sabotage the success of your restaurant. Here are a few of the problems that OmniPOS will solve.

Slow Service

At WOWPOS, we understand that it is crucial for your restaurant to offer a quick service to all of your customers. This is because if your customers were waiting to be served for a long time or were waiting for their food for a long time, it would lead to them becoming annoyed and leaving your restaurant. This could result in customers losing their loyalty and not coming back to your restaurant. However, OmniPOS has the solution for your restaurant. OmniPOS is a mobile tablet which means that staff can take customer’s orders straight from their table and will be able to send the order straight to the kitchen. This shows that OmniPOS will allow you to serve your customers quicker and will allow the customers to receive their meals quickly due to the orders being sent straight to the kitchen. This shows that with OmniPOS, your customers will never be left waiting for a long period of time. This will encourage your customers to become loyal and visit your restaurant regularly which will lead to your sales rising. Never leave a customer waiting with OmniPOS.

Overbooked tables

Do you overbook your tables? Overbooking tables is a very serious problem for restaurants because it will leave customers very angry which will lead to them not coming back to your restaurant. This shows that overbooking tables will deter customers away from your restaurant which will have a negative impact on the sales and profit of your restaurant. However, OmniPOS will ensure that you never overbook a table again. This is because you will be able to integrate your booking system with OmniPOS which will allow you to display all of your bookings on your screen. This will enable you to see all of the tables which are booked, this will prevent you from seating customers at a table which is reserved. This will allow you to manage your tables effectively. This will lead to your customers becoming satisfied and will encourage them to book a table in the future. This will lead to your restaurant becoming busier which will encourage the sales of your restaurant to grow.

Incorrect Orders

Do you have customers complaining because their order is wrong? OmniPOS ensures that all customers receive the correct orders by allowing the staff to send messages to the kitchen. This will allow the kitchen staff to be notified of any special requirements that the customer has e.g. gluten free. This will ensure that the kitchen staff make all meals correctly which will prevent the customer from receiving the wrong meal. Kitchen Messages will ensure that customisations are made to the meal to satisfy all of the customer’s needs. This will lead to the customer becoming loyal and repeat purchasing. This will encourage your sales to grow. Never get an order wrong with OmniPOS.

Late Deliveries

Do you deliver to your customers? At WOWPOS, we understand the stress of ensuring that all of your orders are delivered to customers on time. This is why OmniPOS has teamed up with Orderlord to ensure that none of your deliveries are late. Orderlord enables you to track orders and send updates to your customers to increase the quality of customer service which is provided to your customers. Orderlord keeps your customers smiling. Do your delivery drivers know where to go? Provide your drivers with an app which will give them directions to ensure that all orders arrive at their destination. OmniPOS has partnered with Orderlord so that you can provide your customers with a reliable delivery service which will keep customers loyal and will increase the amount of regular orders your restaurant receives. Drive in top gear with OmniPOS.

Bad decision making

Have you ever made a business decision that you regret? OmniPOS ensures that you have all the information you need to make educated decisions which will benefit your restaurant. OmniPOS will provide you with interactive reports which will enable you to access a wide range of information about all different aspects of your restaurant. The interactive reports will enable you to identify your best sellers and will allow you to identify the products which are struggling. This shows that OmniPOS will give you the opportunity to make decisions that will boost the profitability of your restaurant. OmniPOS gives you all the information you need to make decisions which will maximise the potential of your restaurant.

OmniPOS is the solution for all of your restaurant’s problems.


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