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How to attract gluten-free customers to your restaurant?

During the recent years, there has been a dramatic increase in the demand for gluten-free meals in the restaurant industry. The gluten-free food sector is expected to be worth £519 million at the end of 2016 which shows that gluten-free meals is becoming a dominant factor of the restaurant industry. As a restaurateur, it is crucial to understand the importance of providing your customers with gluten-free options as customers who are gluten-free are worth £100 million to the restaurant sector. This shows that if you do not provide your customers with a gluten-free menu, you will severely limit the number of sales your restaurant generates. A gluten-free menu will be an essential tool to help your restaurant receive regular customers as 74% of people who eat gluten-free stated that they would eat out every fortnight if there were gluten-free products provided to them. However, when you decide to offer a gluten-free menu, there are a few crucial factors to consider in order for your menu to be successful.

How to attract gluten-free customers to your restaurant?

Label the gluten-free products on your menu

As a restaurateur, it will be crucial for your customers to be able to quickly identify which products are safe for them to eat. This is why you should label all of the gluten-free meals on your menu with the gluten-free logo so that the customers know which products they will be able to eat. It is essential that you do this with all of your restaurant’s products including the drinks, sides and desserts. If you do not display which products are gluten-free, you will be limiting the sales of certain meals because customers will think that they will be unable to eat them. This will have a negative impact on the overall sales of your restaurant. As a customer, it will be frustrating for them to have to ask the server which meals are gluten-free as this will cause the server having to go to the kitchen to ask the chef which will be very time consuming. If your customers have to wait a long time to find out whether a meal is gluten-free, it will not meet their customer needs which could cause them to leave the restaurant and avoid coming back. Labelling the gluten-free products could be the difference between your gluten-free meals being successful or not.

Online gluten-free menu

Due to their strict dietary requirements, many gluten-free customers will do their research on the internet to find out which restaurants offer a gluten-free menu. Many gluten-free customers will not just walk into a restaurant while they are passing as they will not know whether any of the food is suitable for them. This shows that it will be crucial for your restaurant to provide your customers with an online copy of the gluten-free menu. This will enable customers to see that you offer gluten-free meals which will encourage them to visit your restaurant. This will have a positive impact on the number of customers and sales that your restaurant receives. If you do not promote your gluten-free menu online, your customers will not be aware of the gluten-free meals that you offer which will limit the number of sales that your restaurant receives. If you do not share your gluten-free menu, it will struggle to succeed.

Offer Substitutions

When you decide to offer a gluten-free menu, it is crucial that you provide your customers with substitutions of your popular dishes. This is because many restaurants make the same mistake of offering simple gluten-free dishes and do not provide a range of gluten-free meals. As a restaurateur, it is important to ensure that you provide your customers with a wide range of gluten-free meals because this will enable you to stand out from competitors. This will encourage gluten-free customers to visit your restaurant as they know that they will not be limited to a number of meals. This will satisfy your customer’s needs and will encourage them to become loyal and repeat purchase at your restaurant. Offering a wide range of substitutions will guarantee your gluten-free menu to be successful as customers will get tired of eating rice every time they visit a restaurant.

Gain the trust of your customers

If your customers have celiac disease, eating meals that contain gluten can severely damage their health which causes gluten-free customers to be very wary when eating at a restaurant. As a restaurateur, it is vital for your customers to trust your restaurant because otherwise, they will not visit your restaurant. It is recommended that you inform customers of the preparation methods that you use and how you store your gluten-free meals because this will show them that the meals will not contain any gluten. As a restaurant owner, you will have the responsibility of ensuring that all of your gluten-free meals are prepared correctly and are not contaminated. If you advertise meals to be gluten-free and they contain gluten, you will completely lose the trust of the gluten-free customers. This will severely reduce the number of customers that your restaurant receives as customers will avoid your restaurant. This shows that one mistake when preparing gluten-free meals could cost you the success of your restaurant. If you falsely advertise your meals as gluten-free, you will be breaching the law and could face serious consequences.

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