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How to Boost your Restaurant’s sales this Christmas

Christmas is a crucial season for all restaurants because people will have a higher average spend during the festive season and will not be wanting to save their money. This means that the majority of your customers will want to eat out which gives you the opportunity of luring more customers in to your restaurant. Here are a few top tips on how you can make your restaurant busy this Christmas and boost your sales.

How to Boost your Restaurant’s sales this Christmas


It is a known fact that the British public love getting involved with competitions. This is why it is an effective strategy to increase the popularity of your restaurant and boost your sales during the festive period. Running a competition will lead to customers getting involved with your restaurant and will lead to them spending more time in your restaurant. This will lead to customers repeat purchasing and spending more money in your establishment which will have a positive impact on your sales. One cost effective competition is a photo contest as this is simple and will allow the whole of the local community to get involved. You should encourage your customers to post their photos on social media with a certain hashtag because this will enable social media users to find out about your competition which will lead to them wanting to get involved. This will increase the brand awareness of the business and will lead to more consumers finding out about your restaurant and visiting your restaurant. This allow your restaurant to fill all of their tables and will lead to your sales rising rapidly. Make sure the prize is desirable e.g. free meal for 2 people because this will lead to more people wanting to enter the competition and win the prize.

Christmas Promotions

During the festive season, the public will be seeking for Christmas joy so you should make sure your restaurant get into the Christmas spirit by adding a touch of Christmas to your promotional material. Christmas promotional materials will be more effective than your usual promotional materials as the public will take notice of Christmas promotions and deals which will lead to them wanting to visit your restaurant and take advantage of the deals. This will lead to your restaurant becoming busier and will lead to your sales getting a healthy boost. Many restaurants will have the same idea as you which means that the public will be seeing a lot of Christmas promotions. This is why you will have to make yours stand out. When deciding what your Christmas promotion is, you should ensure that it is something the customers will want and which you do not offer on a regular basis e.g. Free Roast Dinner when you buy 2 or more meals. This is because the customers will actually want the meal on offer and will know that you will not offer the deal again which will lead to the customers coming to your restaurant as soon as they hear about the deal. This will allow your restaurant to become very busy which will lead to your sales rising.

Add a Touch of Christmas to your Restaurant

One way to attract the public to your restaurant is by ensuring that you catch their attention as soon as they are walking past your establishment. This means that you should bring the Christmas cheer to your restaurant by decorating your restaurant. Christmas decorations are simple but effective as even a few Christmas lights and a Christmas tree will draw customers into your restaurant which means that you will also be able to keep your costs down. However, a lot of local restaurants will have the same idea as yours which means you will have to find a way which will make customers choose your restaurant. One effective way would be by having a Santa’s Grotto in your restaurant which will allow children to meet Santa, this will attract more families into your restaurant and will lead to them having a meal once they have met Santa. This will cause a lot of excitement around your local community and will make your restaurant very popular as many children will want to meet Santa. This will have a dramatic effect on your competitiveness as customers will choose to visit your restaurant which will also lead to your sales rapidly growing. Christmas themed activities could have a huge effect on your restaurant’s success during the festive season.

Reward Loyal Customers

The Christmas season is all about giving which is why you should give something back to the loyal customers who have regularly visited your restaurant throughout the year. This is why you should give your loyal customers a complimentary gift card which will also show that you care about your customers and value their custom. Offering gift cards to your loyal customers will also boost your sales because it will lead to them choosing your restaurant over the competitors as they know they are valued by your restaurant. This will encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchasing which will help your sales to grow.

Open on Christmas Day

Many Families choose to eat out for their Christmas dinner, this means that there is a large demand for restaurants which will open on Christmas Day and serve Christmas dinners. This is why you should consider opening on Christmas Day and taking reservations for tables because a lot of customers will be looking for restaurants which open on Christmas Day which will lead to them reserving a table at your restaurant. This will lead to your restaurant becoming very busy on Christmas Day which will generate a lot of revenue.


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