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How to get your employees in the Christmas spirit?

Christmas is the most joyful time of year with everyone getting into the Christmas spirit. However, not everyone enjoys the sound of Christmas music and the sight of tinsel. If you own a business who is open over the Christmas period, your employees may be feeling a bit like the scrooge. This is because your employees may be missing family gatherings and will not want to work the chaotic Christmas shifts. If your employees are unhappy, it may affect the customer service that they offer customers. Here are a few helpful tips that will bring the joy of Christmas to your employees.

How to get your employees in the Christmas spirit?

Give them praise

Do your employees know they are doing a good job? During the festive season, it is crucial to praise your employees and let them know that you are grateful for their hard work. During the holidays, you should create a scheme which rewards your employees on a daily basis as this will motivate your employees and encourage them to work hard every day. This will have a positive impact on the customer service that you are able to offer your customers. You should add a festive twist to the rewards e.g. Santa’s best elf. This will get your employees in the festive spirit and will increase the morale of your employees. A word of praise will go a long way in improving the morale of your employees.

Reward them

As you will know, your business will get very busy over the Christmas period which will lead to the employees becoming very stressed. Stressed employees could damage the productivity and customer service of your business. During the festive season, you should offer your employees free snacks and extra breaks to maintain their morale and keep them happy. However, you should reward the people who help run your business with bigger rewards during the festive season. One way is by giving your employees vouchers for a spa day or hiring a masseuse as this will help release the stress of your employees which will prevent them from being unhappy. When your employees do have time off, they will want to enjoy it which is why you should offer them vouchers to the cinema or a restaurant to say thank you. Rewarding your employees and showing them appreciation can significantly boost their morale. If your employees are smiling in your store, it will have a positive effect on the customers as it will lead to your store being a happy environment. Customers will not spend money in a store which has an unhappy atmosphere.

Feed them

One of the best things about Christmas is the food. However, due to having to work, your employees may miss important family meals which will upset them and significantly lower their morale. It is recommended that you feed your employees during the Christmas period by bringing in catered lunches for them which will show the employees that they are appreciated. You should host a Christmas dinner for your employees because this will enable them to get involved with the Christmas traditions and will make up for the family gatherings that they miss. Hosting a Christmas dinner will significantly increase the morale of your employees and will help your employees bond with each other.

Make targets fun

During the festive season, your employees may be feeling upset as other people will be able to enjoy themselves while they are at work. This is why it is essential that you make work fun for your employees which will motivate them to come to work. It is recommended that you make a game of your employee’s targets. For example, if your employees reach their target, you should buy them a present. This will keep the employee’s mind off of what other people are doing during the festive season and will motivate them to work harder as they will want the rewards. This shows that making your targets into a game can have a significant effect on the productivity of your staff and will improve your customer service.

Give to Charity

Christmas is the season for giving. One effective way to engage your employees and boost their motivation is to participate in collecting money or gifts for charity. You may think that this will be inconvenient during the busiest time of year but employees will be grateful that you will take time off work to give to the local community. For example, you could organise for your employees to help at the local food bank. Helping the local community will help employees get in the Christmas spirit and will substantially increase the productivity of your employees. Giving to charity could help your business generate more sales this Christmas.

Give your employees time to rest

When your business is busy, it will get very chaotic and employees may not take breaks. This will increase the stress of your employees and will lead to them becoming tired. This may cause them to make mistakes and will damage the level of customer service that your employees offer. It is recommended that you use a scheduling plan to manage employee breaks so that all of your employees will be able to take a break. This will display to your employees that you are thinking of them and are planning ahead of time. You should ensure that your employees take these breaks so that they can rest as this will give them the potential to offer a higher level of customer service. It is recommended that you encourage employees to book holidays after the festive season. This shows the employees that you want them to enjoy themselves and care about their mental wellbeing. It can also help motivate employees during Christmas as they will have something to look forward to.

Happy employees will enable your business to have a Merry Christmas.

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