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How to improve your customer’s experience at your restaurant?

As a Restaurant owner, it is crucial for you to be able to provide your customers with a good experience when they eat in your restaurant. Your customer service is the main aspect that your customers will use to judge your restaurant. This is why it is crucial for your restaurant to focus on satisfying customer needs and providing customers with an enjoyable experience. This will enable you to encourage customer loyalty which will lead to your customers regularly visiting your restaurant. It is important to remember, 55% of customers will pay a higher price in order to guarantee a better service. This shows that if you provide your customers with a quality service, you will be able to increase the profitability of your restaurant. Here a few helpful tips that will allow you to provide your customers with a better experience when they visit your restaurant.

How to improve your customer’s experience at your restaurant?

Start off well

As soon as your customers step into your restaurant, it is crucial to provide them with quality customer service. This is because customers will judge your restaurant as soon as they enter it. It is recommended that you have staff greeting diners as soon as they walk in the door so that they do not have to wait around for someone to take them to their table. When you are greeting diners, it is essential that your staff speak appropriately and address them with respectful titles e.g sir and ma’am. This will show your customers that your restaurant is professional and will leave a good first impression on your customers. If you do not greet your diners, it will display that you do not care about your customers which will lead to their needs becoming unsatisfied. If you do not provide your customers with a good first impression, it could lead to your customers leaving your restaurant. This significantly reduce your sales as customers will be deterred from your restaurant.


Many restaurants will not include etiquette in their customer service due to the type of restaurant they are e.g. fast food restaurant. However, etiquette will enable you to improve the experience that you are able to provide customers. When serving customers, there are some unwritten rules which each member of staff should follow. When you are serving customers, you should begin with women, then serve the men. If there are children, you should serve them at the end. However, if there is a guest of honour, it is crucial for you to serve them first. It is essential to follow this method of serving customers, if you serve customers who are wealthy or of an important status. This is because wealthy or important customers will expect to be served this way. You should serve and clear food from the left so you do not interrupt the customers. If you do have to interrupt the customers, it is crucial that you do it in a polite manner. When you are serving food, you will not want to call out the names of the meals because this is unprofessional and can interrupt the customers. This is why your staff should have systems so that they know which meals need to go to each customer. One mistake that many employees make is making customers feel like they have to leave their table. This limits your customer’s experience because they will not be able to relax at their table. It will also prevent your customers from spending more money as they will not be able to order more drinks to their table which will limit the sales that your restaurant generates.

Speed is Key

Do your customers have to wait a long time for their meals? Slow service will limit your customer’s experience dramatically. If you provide your customers with a slow service, your customers will become very irritated and could lead to them leaving your restaurant without eating a meal. No matter how good your food is, customers will not want to wait for their food. This shows that it is essential that you provide your customers with a fast service. It is recommended that your restaurant has an efficient method of preparing and serving food so that your customers can receive their meals quickly. It is vital that certain meals do not take a significantly time longer than your other meals. This is because it will lead to certain customers having to wait for their food while the other people on their table are already eating. This will cause them to become angry and will substantially decrease the chance of them coming back to your restaurant. It is recommended that you have preparation methods that ensure that all of your meals take roughly the same time to make. However, customers will be lenient on the amount of time certain meals take e.g. steak. It is important not to rush the preparation of meals as this could lead to the quality decreasing.

Fix problems

No matter how efficient your restaurant is, there will still be faults in your service which cause problems for the customer. It is crucial that you solve their problems effectively and quickly. 13% of unsatisfied customers tell more than 20 people about their experience. This shows that problems in your restaurant will significantly reduce the sales and reputation of your restaurant. As soon as a customer makes a complaint, you should listen to the complaint and acknowledge that it is your fault. This will show the customer that you are accepting the problem and will lead to them calming down. It is key to listen to the customer as it shows that you care and will prevent them from making a scene in your restaurant. Once you have listened to the complaint, you should offer your customers a complimentary item or discounted price to apologise to the customer. Offering a discounted price will encourage the customers to come back which will prevent problems from affecting the loyalty of your customers. This will ensure that your restaurant doesn’t lose repeat purchases from regular customers.  91% of customers who have complaints will not come back to your restaurant. It is recommended that you provide your customers with the opportunities to leave reviews. This will allow you to improve on the aspects of your restaurant which cause complaints to prevent customers from complaining about the same issue again. This will allow you to improve the overall customer service of your restaurant.

Use technology

Do you struggle to find ways to improve the speed of your service? This means that it is time for your restaurant to upgrade to an EPOS system. The fast processing speeds of an EPOS system will allow you to serve your customers quickly and effectively which will prevent them from having to wait around. An EPOS system will enable you to record orders straight from your customer’s side and will allow your employees to send the orders directly to the kitchen. This will significantly reduce the amount of time your customers have to wait for their meal. An EPOS system will give you the opportunity to improve your customer service by being able to notify your chefs about any special requirements a customer may have. An EPOS system will be an essential tool to increase the quality of your customer’s experience.

Keep your customers smiling with these useful tips.

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