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How to keep your Employees happy?

One of the key factors in making your restaurant successful is ensuring you have an excellent team of employees who make sure that your restaurant operates at a high standard at all times. However, you must make sure that your employees are treated fairly and well when at work. This will ensure that your employees are happy and motivated which will make your workplace a pleasant environment. Here are a few tips to make your employees happy.

How to keep your Employees happy?

Reward them for their Hard work

When an employee is working very hard and going outside of their job role to cater for the customers, you should ensure that they know you appreciate their hard work. When you notice that an employee is working hard, you should always praise them as this will encourage them to continue to work hard. An effective method of rewarding employees is by introducing an employee of the month award, this will allow you to acknowledge the hardest working employee for the given month. This will have a positive impact on the employee’s morale and productivity as they will want to win the award again.  You should offer incentives for people who make the most sales of a certain product. This is because it will mean that the employees will be competing against each other to sell more of a certain product which will lead to them trying harder to sell the product. This will have a positive impact on the sales of your restaurant which will also lead to your profit margin widening.

Develop the skills of your employees

Employees will want to be able to develop their professional and individual skills when working for you as this will allow them to acquire the skills needed to be promoted to a specialist job role. Therefore, you should pay for your employees to take part in courses because this will allow them to acquire the skills and training needed for them to develop their career. This will maintain the employee’s happiness because they will know that they are valued by your restaurant and will realise that the job will aid them in developing themselves as a professional.

Reward the Loyal Employees

You should encourage employees to stay at your restaurant by rewarding them after staying at your company for a specific period of time. For example, every 6 months you should increase the pay of your employees. This will keep your employees at your restaurant because they will feel valued and will be receiving a higher wage which will prevent them from looking for another job. If an Employee has been working at your restaurant for a year, you should reward them with a pay bonus as this will show the employee that their service is valued and that you want them to continue working for you. Rewarding loyal employees will reduce the turnover of staff and will prevent you from having to hire staff regularly as this will interrupt your working environment.

Allow them to get involved with decision making

Employees seek a level of independence when they are working for a company. This means that you should allow your employees to set their own availability and you should discuss their rota with them so it is suitable for both you and the employee. This will make them happy as they will feel that they will be able to work when they want and will be able to do other activities in their life instead of just work. When you are making a decision in your restaurant, you should ask the employees for their opinions. This is because it will allow you to get different views on the decision which will increase the probability of you making the right decision. It will also increase the productivity and happiness of the employees because it will show that you respect their opinions and that you value their input.



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