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How to pass a Restaurant Inspection

Health inspections are the nightmares of every Restaurant Owner. It is important to remember that health inspectors can turn up at any time which is why you will always have to be prepared. Health inspectors aim to catch your restaurant out and will inspect every inch of your restaurant. If you fail your health inspection, you can say goodbye to your restaurant licence. Failed health inspections could result in fines which will increase the costs of your business dramatically. Here’s a few tips on how to pass your Restaurant inspection with flying colours.

How to pass a Restaurant Inspection

Meeting with Staff

Do your staff know what must be done? You should schedule an official meeting with all of your staff. This will enable you to discuss the upcoming inspection with your employees which will enable them to prepare for the inspection which will increase the chance of your restaurant passing the inspection. You should use the meeting to assign different tasks to your employees which will enable you to ensure that all aspects of your restaurant have been cleaned and checked. You should assign one of your more skilled and experienced employees to greet the inspector because this will show the inspector that your staff are well trained.

Learn from your mistakes

Did aspects of your restaurant fail the last inspection? It is recommended that you review the reports from your last inspection because this will allow you to identify the aspects of your restaurant which need improving. This will enable you to ensure that you focus on the aspects that are unsatisfactory which will increase the chance of your restaurant matching the criteria of the inspection. However, it is important that you do not put all of your focus on one aspect as it could lead to another aspect of your restaurant failing.

Train your Staff

Do your staff know all of the correct ways to store food? It is crucial that you provide your staff with sufficient training regarding the storage and preparation of food. This is because the Health Inspector may choose to interview your staff and ask them questions about the preparation and storage of your meals. If your employees are unable to answer these questions sufficiently, it may lead to your restaurant failing. You should also ensure that your employees understand the health and safety procedures in your restaurant as some inspectors will choose to interview employees on the health and safety procedures of your restaurant.


Before your health inspector arrives, you should give the whole premises of your restaurant a thorough clean as this will ensure that none of your surfaces are dirty or unhygienic. Having unhygienic or dirty surfaces will guarantee you a fail in your inspection as it could lead to your food becoming contaminated. However, you should not forget about the hygiene of your employees as they will be closely monitored by the health inspector. You should ensure that your employees clean their hands regularly. It is crucial for your employees to wash their hands immediately after they have touched food or the employee’s skin e.g. face. If there is a spillage, you should ensure that it is cleaned effectively and that you notify your customers that there is a slippery surface. This will impress the inspector as it will display that your restaurant is kept clean at all times.

Give them a ring

Usually, Health Inspectors will turn up unexpected. However, once you are confident that you are going to pass the inspection, you should call the health inspector and schedule a meeting. This will show the inspector that you are aiming to achieve a high health department score and are eager to be inspected. This will put the inspector’s mind at ease as it will show that you are not hiding anything from them.

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