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How to promote your Christmas menu?

Christmas is only just around the corner! This means that it is crucial that you start promoting your Christmas menu. Remember, if you do not promote your Christmas menu, you will severely reduce the amount of bookings that you will receive for the festive season. The promotion of your Christmas menu will be just as important as the meals on your menu. Here a few tips which will keep your restaurant’s sales merry.

How to promote your Christmas menu?

Share your Menu

Many restaurants will be offering Christmas menus throughout the festive season. This means that you will have to make yours stand out by offering a unique meal or promotion. However, your unique selling point will not be effective if your customers are not aware of it. Over the festive season, many local magazines and newspapers will be creating articles about where to eat at Christmas. It is recommended that you send a copy of your menu to all of the local press. This will allow your menu to be mentioned in the articles which will lead to more customers knowing about your menu. This will lead to more customers wanting to visit your restaurant which will enable you to receive more reservations. This shows that sending your menu to the press will enable your restaurant to become busy over the festive season which will allow your restaurant’s sales to rise.


During recent years, customers have grown to love convenience. This is why you should provide your customers with a convenient way of viewing your menu and booking a table. It is recommended that you display your menu on your website because it will allow customers to view your menu without actually stepping into your restaurant. This will allow the customer to know that they will like the meals that you are offering which will encourage them to visit your restaurant. Displaying your menu online is an effective way of attracting new customers to your restaurant. During the festive season, restaurants become very busy which is why customers prefer to book a table so that they will not have to wait to be seated. It is recommended that you provide a link on your website which directs your customers to your booking form. This will enable your customers to quickly book a table at any time which will encourage your customers to make a reservation as it will be convenient. This shows that providing your customers with a convenient way to reserve a table will lead to you receiving a higher number of reservations.

Host an Event

Christmas is the perfect time to host events as everyone is in the festive spirit and will want to take part in local events. This is why you should host a Christmas dinner for the owners of local businesses as it will enable your customers to taste the meals before they are available. This will give you the opportunity for the local business owners to spread the word about your menu to their customers or friends. This will lead to more members of the local community wanting to try your Christmas menu which will significantly boost the sales of your restaurant during the Christmas period. It is important to remember that customers will trust the opinions of their friends which is why word of mouth is crucial to the success of your Christmas menu.

Social Media

Social media is one of the most powerful advertising tools that your restaurant can use. Your restaurant’s posts on social media can be viewed by millions of users which will enable you to lure in a larger audience of customers to your restaurant. It is recommended that you post pictures of your Christmas menu on social media because it will allow customers to see the meals which will cause them to want to try the meals themselves. Attractive pictures of your meals can dramatically increase the demand of your meals as customers will see how nice they look and will want to eat them. This will lead to a lot of customers wanting to visit your restaurant which will result in your sales increasing.  Remember, a picture is worth 1000 words.

Display boards

During the festive season, a majority of the population will be out shopping for Christmas presents. This will dramatically increase the number of people who will walk past your restaurant. Your restaurant will be able to take advantage of the increased footfall by using display boards to promote your Christmas menu. This will lead to more customers seeing the display board while they are walking past your restaurant which will encourage customers to visit your restaurant or reserve a table for Christmas day. Display boards are a cost-effective way of promoting your Christmas menu because they do not cost much to purchase and will significantly increase the number of customers who are aware of your menu.

Give your restaurant a Merry Christmas by promoting your menu effectively.

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