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How to promote your Restaurant in the local community?

When your restaurant is starting up and is unknown, it is important to start a relationship with the local community. This is because the local community will be your target audience so it is crucial you connect with them from the beginning. It is important to become part of the local community because if you connect with the local people, they are more likely to become loyal customers. Loyal customers will be crucial in allowing your business to generate enough revenue to grow your business and compete with more established restaurants.

How to promote your Restaurant in the local community?

Support a Local Charity

One effective way to build a relationship with the local community is to get involved with raising money for a charity which the community cares about. There is a number of ways you can support a local charity. One way is sponsoring an event at your restaurant and catering for the event. This will bring the local community to your restaurant and will allow them to try your food and to see the quality of your restaurant. This will raise the awareness of your restaurant and will increase the likeliness of the community returning to your restaurant. This will boost the sales of your restaurant. One effective method to draw customers into your restaurant is to begin fundraising for charity e.g. 30% of all revenue generated goes to charity. This will increase the ethics of your restaurant and will give your restaurant a good reputation. The fundraising will encourage the local community to eat at your restaurant as they know that a percentage of their money will contribute towards charity. This will lead to a percentage of your local community becoming loyal customers and repeat purchasing.

Sponsor a local sports team

Sponsoring a local sports team will enable your Restaurant to get involved with the local community as you will be able to increase the reputation and ethics of your restaurant. Sponsoring the team will allow your Restaurant to be displayed on their kits which will lead to people seeing your restaurant’s name which will increase the amount of customers your restaurant receives. This will enable your restaurant to become established in the local area which will increase your sales. Sponsoring a local team will also allow your restaurant to host meals for the players and their families after the games. This will showcase your food and could lure customers into repeat purchasing which will give you the opportunity to compete with your more established competitors.

Take part in local community events

In order to build a relationship with your local community, you will have to get involved with community events such as street fayres and local festivals. You should use a pop up stall or food truck to attend the events, this will allow you to sell your food at the event. This will lead to more people knowing about your restaurant which will lead to them buying food from your portable restaurant. This will increase the sales of your restaurant and will also encourage customers to come to your restaurant to eat. This shows that taking part in local events will encourage your sales to increase which will have a positive impact on your profit. You should offer a reduced version of your menu at local community events which will allow your community to taste your food.

Launch your own cause

One way to get your local community on your side is to start doing charity work for a cause which is close to your heart. One recommended charity for restaurants to work with is providing food for the people who struggle to afford food. You should donate leftover food to the local food drive so that the local community who cannot afford to buy food can still eat. This will show the local community that you care about them which will lead to them wanting to eat at your restaurant. This will boost your sales as the local community will become loyal and repeat purchase. This will enable you to become a popular establishment within the community and will allow you to compete with the more established franchises.

A happy community equals happy sales.


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