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How WOWPOS solves common restaurant problems?

At WOWPOS, we understand that there are a lot of problems that regularly occur in all restaurants. This is why we have developed our systems to solve these problems for your restaurant. This shows that WOWPOS will help your restaurant run smoothly even when problems occur. Don’t let problems stunt the growth of your restaurant. Here are a few of the common problems that WOWPOS will help your restaurant tackle.

Stock Control

Do you spend a lot of your day counting stock? At WOWPOS, we understand that you will not have the time to count your stock manually every day. This is why we provide you with an automated stock control feature which counts your stock for you. Every time a product is sold, the product will automatically be subtracted from the stock number. This means that at the end of the day, your stock count will be done for you. This will prevent you from having to spend hours every week counting your stock. Due to the stock count being automated, there will be less room for human error which will lead to the stock number being more accurate. This will enable you to reduce the amount of theft in your restaurant as you will be able to identify missing stock. Do you constantly run out of stock? The automated stock control feature will email your supplier an order when your stock reaches the minimum level. This ensures that your restaurant will always have sufficient stock to serve customers.

Loss of Internet connection

Do you have an unreliable internet connection? At WOWPOS, we understand that you may not always have an internet connection in your establishment. This is why we have designed our WOWPOS tills to standalone systems. This means when your internet connection goes down, you will still be able to operate your system and serve customers. This prevents you from having to reject any customers which will keep your customers happy and loyal. WOWPOS have designed their systems to be standalone because this will minimise the downtime of your system which will allow you to be able to serve customers at all times. The last problem you want is to be unable to serve customers as this will lead to them becoming unsatisfied and losing their loyalty. Never reject a sale with WOWPOS.

Long waiting times

Do your customers have to wait long to be served? WOWPOS solves this problem by designing our systems to have fast processing speeds. This enables the employees to be able to process payments quicker which enables customers to be served quicker. This will reduce the waiting times of customers and will allow their needs to be satisfied. No one wants a slow till system. Reducing the waiting times of your restaurant will encourage your customers to become loyal and repeat purchase. At WOWPOS, we understand that it can be difficult for your employees to find certain products. This is why WOWPOS provides you with categorised menus which will ensure that your employees can find the products quickly for the customer. This will allow your restaurant to speed up the service of your customers which will reduce the waiting times of your customers. Long waiting times will deter customers away from your restaurant which will lead to customers becoming unloyal and eating at other restaurants. Don’t let long queues reduce your sales and profit margin.


Unreliable staff

Do you have members of staff who do not fulfil their job roles? At WOWPOS, we allow you to manage your staff to ensure that all employees are fulfilling their job roles professionally. Your employees will be able to have individual accounts which they will be able to log into when using the till. This will enable you to see how many sales each employee makes which will ensure you that all employees are reaching their sales targets and are upselling. Do you have employees who are late? WOWPOS gives you the opportunity to integrate a clock in system which will record when your employees arrive at work and leave work. This will ensure that your employees are arriving at work on time and are leaving when they are supposed to. This will allow your restaurant to be sufficiently staffed at all times which will enable you to offer a high quality of customer service to all of your customers. WOWPOS will make sure that you do not have to worry about your staff being unreliable.


Till not working?

Usually when a restaurant’s till stops working, it means that the restaurant is unable to serve customers for a long period of time. This will lead to the restaurant losing sales and customers. However, our highly skilled and experience support team work 24/7 to ensure that any problems with your till are solved quickly and effectively. This shows that when your EPOS system stops working, our technical team will find an effective solution quickly to allow you to resume serving customers. Our support centre is open 24/7 because we know you could need assistance at any time. No matter what the time, our support team will provide you with a solution to any problem or question that you have. WOWPOS ensures that you never have to reject a sale by ensuring that your EPOS system is never down for a long time.


WOWPOS keeps your restaurant running smoothly.


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