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How you can use Social Media to promote your Restaurant?

There are many social media platforms you can use to promote your restaurant. Here is a guide on the different social media platforms out there and how you can use them to get your business known.

How you can use Social Media to promote your Restaurant?


Snapchat has over 100 million active users and has several thousand photos shared every second, this shows there is a large audience to target. Snapchat allows you to post videos and photos that you have just taken which will be available to your followers for 24 hours. As a Restaurant Owner, you will be able to post to followers who are likely to see the post very quickly. This means you could to use the application to promote limited time deals which will create urgency and will lead to the customers coming straight away to the restaurant as they do not want to miss out. For example, you could do an offer which says” For One Hour only, all meals are 25% off”. You could also add a personal detail to your promotions using Snapchat by showing how the meals are made which is a unique touch which will engage the audience and will lead to them wanting to watch more of the snaps you post.


Instagram is a social media platform which allows you to share your photos and videos with the world, it has over 40 million active users and over 70 million posts shared daily. As a Restaurant Owner, Instagram would be a useful tool because it would allow you to post pictures of all of  your dishes which will lure followers into coming into the restaurant as the food will look nice which will increase the number of customers your restaurant will receive. You will also be able to connect to new diners by using hashtags because when a user searches for that hashtag, your images will show up which will lead to them looking at them and could potentially lead to them becoming a customer which will also increase sales.



Twitter has a massive 310 million users on it which means that it is a very good social media tool as there is a huge potential audience meaning that many people will be able to see your posts. This will give you a massive increase in brand awareness. You can use Twitter for short pieces of information such as deals, links to reviews and the website or a photo. You should use this because whatever you post, a lot of people will see it and it could attract their interest. This will lead to them following you which will lead to them seeing all of your posts. This means that if you post an offer, a lot of people will see it which will lead to the users wanting to go there as they know they are getting it for a cheap price and do not want to miss out on it. Consequently, the sales will increase as more people will come into the store which will also increase the profit of the business. You could also use Twitter to link reviews or your website which will lead to a substantial number of people clicking on it. This will lead to the public seeing the good reviews or going on the website which will lead to them hearing good things and considering your restaurant. This will lead to them becoming customers which will increase the sales leading to the profit margin increasing.



Facebook has over 1.6 billion users and is an efficient tool if you are targeting a younger audience because nearly half of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook when they have just woken up which would be effective if that is your target audience as it would lead to them most likely seeing your posts. The advantage that Facebook has over any of the other platforms is that it is suitable for any material your restaurant publishes. This can include competitions, links to blogs, reviews, news articles, offers and any material related to your business. This will gain the customer’s interests as there is a lot for them to read which will lead to them looking at your page daily. You can also gain new customers as they may find your page cause of the articles you post which could lead to them also seeing your reviews and offers. This will lead to them becoming a customer which will lead to your sales increasing. The bigger your Facebook page and the more active you are, the more people who will come to your page. This will lead to more people knowing about your restaurant. This will lead to the brand awareness increasing which will also lead to your sales and profit increasing.

What’s the best platform for your Restaurant?

It is recommended that you only focus on two social media platforms because this will allow you to post regularly on the platforms. This will lead to your restaurant having a substantial presence on the platform which will lead to more people knowing about your restaurant which will increase your brand awareness. There is no point having accounts on every social media platform because your customers will not be on all of the social media platforms. For example, a small percentage of your customers will have Pinterest accounts which means that not many people will see your restaurant’s offers.  You should ensure that you choose the social media platform which is right for your restaurant and the one which will allow you to connect with many of your customers and target audience. The recommended social media platform for restaurants is Facebook, this is because there is a substantial user base with a wide range of different users which means that you will be able to target all different types of customers. This shows that Facebook will be an effective tool for your restaurant as it will allow you to promote your offers and products to a wide audience and will lead to your restaurant becoming well known and your restaurant becoming busier. This shows that Facebook will aid your sales and profit substantially.


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