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How your restaurant can become child friendly?

Do you cater for children? As a restaurateur, it is important to understand that catering for families will be the key to your success. When families go out to eat, they will look for restaurants who have facilities which will cater for their children. If your restaurant isn’t colourful or have games for children, you will struggle to attract families into your restaurant. If your restaurant is child-friendly, you can increase the number of customers you receive by 25%. Here are a few tips on how to make your restaurant child-friendly.

How your restaurant can become child friendly?

Children will be your best guests

As a restaurateur, you may think that children will be hassle for your restaurant and will cause disruptions in your restaurant. However, you are wrong. It is important to understand that catering for children will encourage a larger number of families to visit your restaurant. Even though children eat two or three times less than adults, they will bring in a substantial amount of revenue for your restaurant. This is because children will have a strong influence on which restaurant their parents decide to go to. Parents will choose a restaurant depending on where their children feel comfortable and happy. If you do not cater for children, families will avoid your restaurant or will not spend a long time in your restaurant.

Increased Popularity

As a restaurateur, it is crucial to understand that family friendly restaurants play an important role in modern society. During the recent years, the difference between family friendly restaurants and non-family restaurants has become distinct. This means that parents will know exactly what restaurants to visit with their children. Parents will visit the family friendly restaurant because they know their children will be entertained which will enable them to relax. This will lead to the parents regularly visiting your restaurant as they know that their children enjoy being in your restaurant. The last thing parents want is their child making a scene in a restaurant. Due to the distinct difference between family friendly and non-family friendly restaurants, if your restaurant is non- family friendly, families will avoid your restaurant even if they haven’t visited it before. If you do not cater for families, you will severely reduce your sales.

Make your meals kids friendly

Do you offer a kid’s menu?  As a restaurateur, it is important to remember that children will not have the same palate as adults. In order to cater for families, you must offer a children’s menu. If children do not like the meals you offer, families will avoid your restaurant.  You may think that a children’s menu should be full of hot dogs and burgers. However, parents are aware of the dangers of child obesity and want their children to eat healthier. This shows that if you only sell burgers and hot dogs, parents will not want their children eating at your restaurant. When you introduce a children’s menu, it is important that you offer healthy options such as chicken sticks with tomato sauce or pasta in tomato sauce. This will encourage families to visit your restaurant as their children will be eating healthily. A children’s menu will give the opportunity to significantly boost your sales. Remember, the quantity of the meals should be adapted to children and the food should not be high in fat or salt. It is recommended to let a child’s meal cool down before you serve it. Before you offer sweets to a child, you should ask for the permission of the parents.

Kids Menu

As a restaurateur, it is recommended for you to create a colourful and animated design for your younger guests. It is important for your younger visitors to remain entertained in your restaurant because this will prevent them from misbehaving. You should provide the children with games or colouring sheets on your menu. You should be creative with the names of your children’s meal and provide images of the meals. This will catch the child’s attention and will allow them to choose their meal by themselves. In order to upsell your children’s meals, you should create a combo menu. For example, the most popular kid’s meal with a fresh juice and dessert of your choice. This will encourage customers to purchase more meals for their children which will lead to your sales rising. In order to keep families coming back to your restaurant, you should ensure that the kids meals are affordable. Due to the children meals being in smaller portions, the kid’s meals should be half the price of regular meals.

Give your Children a chance to play

Do your customers have to wait a long time to be seated? It is important to remember that children are very impatient and will not react well to having to wait a long time to be seated. This means that children will be likely to misbehave which will lead to the parents leaving your restaurant. This shows that if families have to wait a long time to be seated, you will limit the sales of your restaurant. As a restaurateur, in order to prevent children from misbehaving, you should provide them with a play area. This will allow the children to play while the family is waiting for a table which will prevent them from complaining. You will not require a large budget for a play area as you will be able to use any space which is not being used in your restaurant. The play area should be visible from any point in your restaurant as parents will want to be able to see their children at all times. All you need to create a play area is colourful furniture e.g. bean bags and a wide range of toys. This will attract children to play in the play area and will prevent them from wandering off. A play area will be a good investment for your restaurant as parents may decide to visit your restaurant instead of your competitors as they know their children will have a place to play.

Train your Restaurant Staff

Do your staff know how to serve children? As a restaurateur, it is crucial for your staff to respect children as individuals and ask the child directly for their order. This will make the child happy as they will be able to interact with the waiter. It is important for you to train your staff on how to behave with your younger guests. If your employees show enthusiasm when serving children, the children will want to communicate with them. If your staff treat children well, it will encourage the parents to return to your restaurant. If the waiter is impatient or rude to the children, it will deter parents from visiting your restaurant as they will not want staff being rude to their children. This shows that untrained staff could cost your restaurant a substantial amount of money. If your staff are doing their job well, you will realise that the younger guests will have their favourite waiter. It is important to remember that children do not pretend, this means that you will be able to identify if a child enjoys speaking to a waiter or not. If your younger guests enjoy interacting with staff, it will lead to them wanting to see the waiter again which will encourage the parents to visit your restaurant.

Is your restaurant child friendly?



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