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How your Restaurant can benefit from Black Friday?

Black Friday is usually more beneficial for retailers than restaurants as consumers will seek for discounts which they will not be able to get anywhere else. However, this doesn’t mean that the restaurant industry cannot benefit from the increased number of visitors in stores and shopping centres. Here a few marketing methods that your restaurant can use to benefit from the chaos of Black Friday. It is estimated that 100 million shoppers will be looking around shops on Black Friday and over 25% of these shoppers will want to eat at local restaurants

How your Restaurant can benefit from Black Friday?

Partner with Local Retailers

You should find out which local retailers are offering Black Friday deals and which retailers are expected to draw in the most customers. You should reach an agreement with the popular retailers and offer them free advertisement in your restaurant in return for free advertisement in their store. This will allow the Black Friday shoppers to see your advert when they are shopping which will lead to them wanting to visit your restaurant while they are shopping. This will increase the amount of customers that you will receive which will have a positive impact on the sales of your restaurant. Partnering with local retailers is an effective method of raising the brand awareness of your restaurant as you will be able to offer guests who show a receipt from the retailer, a complimentary item or a discounted price. Building relationships with local stores is an effective way to draw customers into your restaurant and boost sales.

Become a Social Media Guru

Use social media to promote your Black Friday offers and inform your followers about the promotions of partnered retailers. This will encourage users to visit your social media page because they will want to find out about all of the local deals. Once they are on your social media page, you should provide a link to your website and provide users with directions which will allow them to navigate easily to your restaurant from local retailers. This will draw shoppers into your restaurant as it will be convenient for them as they will be able to find your restaurant easily and quickly. This will lead to your restaurant becoming very busy which will encourage your sales and profit to rise. Set up special promotions to make the most out of the increased traffic of customers. E.g. 50% off all main courses.

Join the Hype of Black Friday

Don’t be the odd one out, make sure you offer special Black Friday deals. You should offer promotions such as all day happy hour, discounts on all drinks and meals and complimentary items when your customers spend a specified amount in your restaurant. The use of these promotions will encourage customers to visit your restaurant when they are walking past and will encourage them to spend a larger sum in your restaurant. It is recommended to offer group deals and to limit your Black Friday menu to meals which can be prepared quickly as customers will not want to spend long in your restaurant.

Preparation is Key

One way to guarantee customers for Black Friday is by selling gift cards to customers and offer them a higher credit value if they redeem on Black Friday. This will encourage your customers to visit your restaurant on Black Friday as they will not want to miss out on the special deals which are available for a limited time. This will add more customers to your already busy restaurant which will allow your sales to grow rapidly. One way to increase the urgency of customers coming into your restaurant is by offering discount vouchers to a certain number of customers who arrive at your establishment first. This will increase the demand for your restaurant and will lead to your restaurant becoming very busy as soon as it opens. To deal with the extra demand of Black Friday, you should ensure that you are fully staffed because this will enable your staff to showcase their customer service which will encourage customers to come back to your restaurant once Black Friday is over. This will encourage customer loyalty and will lead to you receiving an increased number of repeat purchases even when Black Friday is over. This shows that Black Friday can have a long term positive effect on the success of your restaurant.


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