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How your Restaurant can deal with bad reviews?

As a Restaurant, you are guaranteed to have some customers who are not pleased with the service of your restaurant and have had a bad experience in your restaurant. A lot of these customers will simply not come back to your restaurant but some will decide to post their bad experience online. This will give you some bad publicity which will be broadcasted to your potential customers. However, there is no need to panic as here are some effective ways to deal with bad reviews.

Instant Feedback Channels

Customers will usually post bad reviews about your restaurant online when they cannot voice their concern directly to the restaurant. This means that if your restaurant provides an instant feedback channel for your customers, it will decrease the amount of bad reviews your restaurant will receive which will reduce the damage to your reputation. It is recommended that you encourage your staff to ask customers for feedback on their experience. This will encourage customers to be honest with you and tell you what they enjoyed and what they think needs to be improved. This allows your customers to voice their opinions directly to the staff which will ensure the customer’s that their complaints have been heard. This will reduce the amount of bad reviews that will be posted online about your restaurant. It is recommended that you provide your customers with easy ways to communicate with the manager of the restaurant. One of the most popular ways that restaurants use to communicate with customers is a contact form on their website. You should design the contact form so that it encourages your customers to send all of their details and concerns to you. It is also recommended for you to provide your email and phone number on your website because it will allow customers to easily contact you. This shows that if you give the opportunity for your customers to communicate with you, the amount of bad reviews you receive will decrease.

Fast responses to complaints

When you receive a complaint from a customer, it is crucial that you respond to the complaint as soon as possible. This is because if you respond to complaints quickly, it will allow the customer to know that they have been heard and that your restaurant is working to improve the issue. This will satisfy the customer as they will know that they have been acknowledged which will prevent them from posting a review online. The maximum amount of time you should take to respond to a complaint is 48 hours.  For emails and the website contact us form, you can set up an automated message which will notify the customers that their feedback has been received. This proves that if you do not respond to complaints quickly, you will run the risk of having bad reviews posted online. This will damage the reputation of your restaurant and will deter customers from eating at your establishment.

Respond to Online Reviews

When a negative review is posted online about your restaurant, many review websites will give you the opportunity to respond to the review and contact the reviewer. This means that your restaurant should try to respond to as many reviews as possible. This will show the reviewer and potential customers that you care about their opinions and want to improve your restaurant.  It is recommended that you thank the customers who publish good reviews because this will show that their opinion is valued and will encourage more customers to publish good reviews. It is important to remember that good reviews will boost the reputation of your restaurant and will encourage more potential customers to eat at your restaurant. When you address a complaint and solve the issue, it is likely that the customer will update the review to a better review. Bad reviews which have been handled well can actually help your restaurant attract customers as it will show potential customers that you will care about them and will work hard to provide an enjoyable experience.

Offer Incentives to customers who have complaints

When a customer has a complaint, it is very likely that they will not want to visit your restaurant again which will reduce the amount of customers that your restaurant receives. However, in order to lure customers back into your restaurant, you should offer them a discounted price or complimentary item. This will show the customer that you are sorry and that you want to make it up to them. This will encourage them to give your restaurant another chance which will allow you to increase the number of customers your restaurant receives. However, it is crucial you do not offer a discount directly for a good review.

Accept Negative Reviews

As a Restaurant owner, you should not let bad reviews decrease the confidence of your employees. This is because no matter how good your service is, there will be customers who are unhappy. As a Restaurant, there will be aspects of your service which go wrong at times as all humans will make mistakes. If your restaurant only had good reviews, it would look suspicious and would make customers think that you are paying someone to post the reviews or making your employees post reviews. Having only good reviews about your restaurant will make it look like your hiding something which will lead customers from being unable to trust you.


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