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Is your Restaurant ready for Christmas?

During the festive season, you can expect your restaurant to become very busy and have a high traffic of customers. This is because customers will want to spend more money on luxuries during the Christmas period which will lead to them eating out instead of staying in. Due to the increased demand, you will have to ensure that your restaurant is ready to deal with the extra demand and will be able to continue to provide your customers with an enjoyable experience.

Is your Restaurant ready for Christmas?

Cater for wide range of customer’s needs

During the Christmas period, you will be visited by a variation of customers due to Christmas work outings and family meals. This means that you will not be catering for the needs of your regular audience. This shows that it will be crucial for you to provide meals to meet a wide range of requirements e.g. gluten free or vegetarian. Offering a wide range of meals will ensure that all of your customer’s needs and wants are satisfied which will encourage them to return to your restaurant and become loyal. This proves that catering for all different types of audiences will allow you to lure in new customers. Catering for a wide range of customer’s needs will allow you to provide a high level of customer service to all guests which will boost your restaurant’s sales.


During the festive season, customers will want to get in the Christmas spirit which will encourage them to purchase seasonal drinks while in your restaurant. This shows that you should have a wide range of festive drinks on offer such as eggnog, mulled wine and Christmas cocktails. Offering Christmas drinks will lead to the customer buying drinks before and after their meal which will increase the amount of money customers spend in your restaurant. This shows that offering Christmas drinks will encourage customers to purchase more products from your restaurant which will lead to your sales growing.

Are you going to serve a traditional Christmas menu?

During the festive season, many people will want to eat traditional Christmas dishes such as Roast dinners, Turkey, Mince pies and Christmas pudding. This is because many customers will be eating out for their Christmas dinner which will lead to them wanting to eat traditional Christmas food. This shows that having a traditional Christmas menu will attract the public into your restaurant and will satisfy the requirements of your customers. This will enable you to transform your high traffic of customers into an increased number of sales. However, some customers who will visit your restaurant around the Christmas period may not want to eat traditional festive foods. It is recommended that you put festive twists on your popular products e.g. Christmas curry. This will catch the attention of your customers and will lead to them wanting to try the unique meals.

Get your customers in the Christmas spirit

During the festive season, your restaurant should embrace the Christmas spirit by decorating your restaurant with a Christmas tree and decorations. This will create a happy atmosphere in your restaurant which will lead to your customers having a joyful experience in your restaurant. This will encourage customers to come back to your restaurant as they know that they will have a good time at your restaurant. If your customers are happy and are enjoying themselves, they are more likely to spend more in your restaurant which will encourage your revenue to grow. Christmas music is an effective method of getting your customers involved with your restaurant and will lure them into staying at your restaurant for a longer period of time.

Prepare your Staff

Over the festive season, your restaurant will experience a large volume of reservations especially for Christmas Day. This shows that your restaurant will be very busy for the whole of the festive season due to a dramatic increase in the number of customers. However, no matter how busy you are, you will not make sales or attract new customers if your customer service is poor. This shows that it is crucial to prepare your staff so that they have the skills required to deal with a high traffic of customers and have the ability to ensure that all customers have an enjoyable experience. Over the Christmas period, it is recommended that you hire temporary staff to ensure that you can deal with the high demand of customers as this will ensure that waiting times for customers are not long. If a customer was waiting for a long period of time, it will lead to them getting annoyed and leaving the restaurant which will lead to your restaurant losing customers. This proves that it is crucial to provide a high level of customer service during the festive period. Otherwise, customers may choose to cancel their reservation.

Can you feed all of your customers?

Due to your high number of customers over the Christmas season, you will have a lot more mouths to feed. This shows that you will have to ensure that you order enough supplies to feed all of your customers. It is recommended that you order more than you need so that if any meals are wasted, you will still be able to provide enough meals for your customers. Leaving your customers hungry will have a very negative impact on the reputation of your restaurant and could lead to you losing a lot of loyal customers.


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