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Is your retail store prepared for 2017?

Are you prepared for 2017? During the course of 2016, there was many unpredicted changes that rocked the retail sector. This will have severely impacted the success of your retail store during the last year. However, WOWPOS will prepare you for the next year by predicting the biggest trends of 2017.

Is your retail store prepared for 2017?

Hungry Customers

During the recent years, shopping centres have dramatically changed. This has led to customers wanting to go there for entertainment and food instead of just to shop. This shows that in 2017, there will be a higher demand for entertainment establishments e.g. cinemas and restaurants in shopping centres. As a retail owner, it is recommended for you to partner with local restaurants and entertainment establishments as this will cause more people coming to the shopping centre. This will give you the opportunity to increase the footfall in your store which will lead to your sales increasing. Without restaurants nearby, you may struggle to gain customers. It is recommended for you to partner with local restaurants to provide deals. For example, spend £20 in store and get a free appetizer. This will encourage customers to spend more in your store as they will want to receive the free food.


During 2016, technology had a significant impact on the retail sector. Over the course of 2017, technology will continue to impact the retail sector. Technology will be used within the industry to reduce customer complaints, increase customer service and provide customers with a personalised experience. During 2017, many retailers will begin to use augmented reality devices to enable customers to experience products in a real-life setting. For example, seeing how a dress will look on a person without them physically trying it on. It is recommended for you to introduce augmented reality as this will enable you to provide your customers with an experience which other retailers will be unable to provide. This shows that augmented reality will enable you to increase your competitiveness and will lure potential customers into your store.

Experience is Key

Are you experienced? During 2017, the number of retail stores will significantly increase. This will lead to you having a larger number of competitors. Customers will begin to demand innovation and experience from your retailers. This is because they will want to be engaged as soon as they walk into your store. If you do not provide your customers with an engaging shopping environment, you will struggle to lure customers into your store. It is recommended that you enable your customers to try your products while they are in your store. This will give them a reason to visit your store instead of buying the product online. This shows that engaged customers will be the key to your success.


During the 2017, consumers are predicted to spend a longer time on their mobile devices. Due to mobile traffic being at its highest point in history, it has led to mobile traffic becoming higher than desktop traffic. This shows that it will be crucial for businesses to provide their customers with mobile friendly websites. If you didn’t provide your customers with a mobile friendly website, it would lead to your website being difficult to navigate for mobile users. This would cause them to become frustrated and leave your website without purchasing products. This shows that a mobile friendly website will be key for the success of your retail store. With the use of social media becoming increasing popularly, it is recommended for you to post your offers on social media. This is because it will allow a large population of potential customers to view your promotions which will enable your sales to rise.

Fast and Free delivery

During 2017, the demand for free and convenient delivery will have a huge impact on retailers. If you do not provide your customers with a free and fast delivery service, you will limit your sales as customers will choose stores who provide free and fast delivery. This is because customers do not want to stay in to wait for a delivery and will not want to have to pick their delivery up from another location. As a retailer, it is recommended for you to provide your customers with a choice of which days their delivery will arrive. This will increase the convenience of your customer which will encourage them to purchase from your retail store. This shows that your delivery service will sculpt the success of your retail store.

Will you be successful in 2017?

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