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POS system for Restaurants

OmniPOS is the new revolutionary hospitality system which will transform the way your restaurant operates and serve customers. OmniPOS has been designed to cater for all of the needs of restaurants and will enable you to offer a high-quality experience to all of your customers. Here are a few of the ground breaking features that you will have access to when you purchase an OmniPOS system.

Cloud Based

The OmniPOS solution is cloud-based so that you can connect with the cloud. Our cloud based software will increase the security of your data as all of your data will automatically synchronise and be backed up to the cloud. This means that if there is a problem with your system, your data will be securely stored in the cloud. Do you worry about losing your data? The cloud has high levels of security which makes it nearly impossible for third parties to gain unauthorised access. Tired of your software being limited to one system? The cloud gives you the ability to use your software on more than one system which means that you will be able to make changes to your system on any device. You will be able to edit your software while employees are putting smiles on your customer’s faces. Are you always on the go? OmniPOS enables you to check the performance of your restaurant even when you are not in the restaurant. 

Table Ordering

OmniPOS has been designed to be able serve a high traffic of customers. This is why the tablet is lightweight and handheld which means once you detach it from the stand, you will be able to use the tablet as a mobile POS system. This will enable you to use the system in any location within your restaurant which will allow you to be able to serve customers right next to their table. This will increase customer satisfaction as you will be able to take orders and send them straight to the kitchen. This will increase the speed of your service and will lead to customers receiving their meals in a short period of time. This shows that OmniPOS will increase the customer service of your restaurant which will lead to your customers becoming loyal and will encourage repeat purchasing. Let your customers relax by enabling you to take payments at their table which will increase the convenience of your restaurant and will put a smile on your customer’s face. OmniPOS will transform your restaurant’s customer experience and will lead to customers coming back for more. This proves that OmniPOS will have a positive impact on the sales and profit of your restaurant. This proves that OmniPOS is the best POS system for Restaurants.

Table Management

At WOWPOS, we understand the struggle that restaurants have when they have to manage their tables. This is why OmniPOS will enable you to have a wider control of your tables. The table management feature will allow you to drag and drop tables so that you can copy the layout of your restaurant. Has your floor plan changed? You will be able to quickly edit the floor plan on your OmniPOS solution. The table management feature will allow you to see how many people are seated at each table and will enable you to see what tables are free and what tables are reserved. This will give you the opportunity to find out when tables are free which will lead to customers being seated quickly. This will reduce waiting times which will satisfy customer needs and will enable customers to become loyal and repeat purchase. This proves that OmniPOS will increase the efficiency of the operations of your restaurant and will allow your sales and profit to rise.

Kitchen Messages

OmniPOS gives you the opportunity to satisfy all of the requirements that customers will have by enabling the staff to send messages to the kitchen. This will allow the kitchen to be made aware of any special dietary requirements or any special requirements that the customer requests. For example, a customer may want all of the meals to be brought out at the same time or may want extra salad with one of the meals. This will allow your restaurant to cater for any needs that your customer has which shows that OmniPOS will enable you to improve your customer service. Your customers will become very satisfied as they know that your restaurant will be able to meet their needs which will lead to them becoming loyal and repeat purchasing. OmniPOS has the power to increase your sales and profit.

Staff Management

OmniPOS understands the importance of your restaurant having an effective team of employees by giving you a wider control over your employees. OmniPOS will provide employees with individual accounts which will enable you to see how many sales each employee is making and will allow you to ensure that all employees are upselling and reaching their sales targets. Do your staff struggle to arrive on time? OmniPOS will give you the opportunity to integrate a clock in feature which will allow customers to clock in and out using the system. This will ensure you that employees are arriving at work on time and are leaving when they are supposed to. This will enable you to make sure that your restaurant is sufficiently staffed at all times so that you can serve your customers to the highest standard.

OmniPOS is the best POS systems for Restaurants.

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