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See what UK EPOS system users have to say

WOWPOS has served over 32,000 customers. Many of the customers have been very pleased with our products and services which shows that we are the leading EPOS till providers in the UK and that our products and support are of an Excellent quality.

Inspire Coffee Bar

Inspire Coffee Bar purchased the Hospitality package off of us when they first started as they wanted to be able to run their coffee bar more effectively and wanted to provide better customer service to their customers. They were able to do this as the stock control function meant that the owner didn’t have to count the stock himself as products were automatically taken off of the original stock number if they were sold. This gave the owner a lot more time to focus on other operations of the coffee bar and made running the Coffee bar a lot easier. The package also allowed the coffee bar to increase their customer service because it allowed the employees to serve the customers quicker without making mistakes. This led to the coffee bar’s customers being satisfied as they were served quickly and effectively which lead to them becoming loyal customers leading to the coffee bar having more business. The Coffee Bar also used the system to give discounts to loyal customers which led to them repeat purchasing at the establishment because they knew they would get rewarded which led to the amount of customer and sales increasing.

Here is what the owner of the Inspire Coffee Bar had to say himself. “In Spire Coffee Bar has the WOWPOS hospitality package. When we started switching to WOWPOS meant we could track stock levels more easily. It also meant we could be flexible in offering discounts and easily keep a record of this, for example we offer a 25% discount for local businesses for take away food, but the best thing about choosing WOWPOS has been the excellent customer service and training on using the software... A big thumbs up from me!” Peter Cooper, Director of Inspire Coffee, Wirral, Wallasey

This shows that the WOWPOS Hospitality package is the perfect system for up and coming coffee shops like the Inspire Coffee Bar.

Francesco Bille

The WOWPOS Hospitality package will help restaurants serve customers because it will allow the staff to take orders from the table and send them straight to the kitchen. This means that the staff will not have to go to the kitchen themselves to give the order to the chefs which will lead to the kitchen being able to make the meal straightaway leading to the customers being served quicker which will lead to them becoming satisfied. This will lead to the customers becoming loyal and repeat purchasing leading to the sales and profit margin increasing. Francesco Bille was very happy with the increased customer service that he gained through using the Hospitality package.

This is what Francesco told us after 4 months of using our system. We've been using the system for 4 months now and we're very happy with the performance and reliability of the system, I'd personally highly recommend the system to any small or medium sized businesses!"

This proves that the WOWPOS hospitality package will help your restaurant take it's customer service to the next level.

Joseph West/Sonny’s Caribbean Food and Beverages

When you purchase one of our EPOS packages, you will be able to get lifetime technical support which is 24/7 which means whenever you have an issue with the system or a query, you will be able to get it answered or fixed in a short period of time. This means that no matter what the time, we will make sure we get your system back up and running so that you continue serving customers which will increase your sales leading to the profit margin widening. Joseph West of Sonny’s Caribbean Food and Beverages had many questions that he needed answering. Here is his response about our Technical team. "Very Happy with the customer service! To be fair I've been constantly on the phone! To & From and the guys have done well with this very needy customer! Well done Harry you have the patience of a saint."This shows that our technical team are very helpful and skilled as they will sort out any issues as soon as they can and will ensure that it doesn’t happen again.

Cranbrook Electrics

We do not just specialise in Hospitality software as we also specialise in Retail software. Our Retail software allows the business to have a greater control over their stock, staff and sales through detailed reports which will be recorded throughout the usage of the till. The EPOS System allows you to have a higher level of control over your stock because every time a product is sold it will be noted down and automatically taken off of the stock number. This will help you massively as the owner of your business because it will save you a lot of time as you will not have to manually count your stock at the end of each day and it will also lead to the numbers being more accurate. This will allow you to see how much you waste on a daily basis which will help you prevent wasting as many products which will lead to you becoming more cost efficient. The EPOS system will also allow you to monitor staff and see if they are reaching their targets which will increase the productivity of your business. It will also allow you to analyse your sales which will allow you to make changes to your menu or promotions to increase your sales which will lead to the profit margin increasing.

Cranbrook Electrics is a local company which came to us so that they could organise their stock and operate more effectively. This is what they had to say about our Retail package. “With the WOWPOS system we have been a lot more organised, we have a lot more products in the shop and it can be hard keeping up with all the pricing and stock, now we have everything organised on the till it is much easier to find products for an order or update their information. Before getting the system, stock taking was an absolute nightmare- we had to manually go through every item and it would take an hour out of the day, now it literally takes seconds as we sell, the system updates the stock”

Virpur Foods Ltd

 For our Retail package we also offer lifetime support which is 24/7. This means that whenever you have an issue with your till or have a question about a feature, the technician team will be able to answer it as quickly as possible whatever time it is. This is because we know that if your till is not working, you will be unable to serve customers which will lead to you losing out on sales and profit and will lead to your business struggling. This means that if your till system goes down when you are using it, we will make sure it is back up as soon as possible so you can carry on serving customers.

Vipur Foods Ltd used our technicians quite a lot, here is what they had to say about them. “WOWPOS provided a great service for our EPOS needs with an excellent after care service from the whole team”. This shows we will do everything we can to make sure your till system is back up and running as soon as possible.

Teddington Post Office

One of our key features which makes us stand out from the rest of the EPOS providers is that our software is the only the software that doesn’t need internet to operate. This means that if your internet went down, your till would still be able to operate which will lead to you being able to continue to serve customers which will lead to them being satisfied leading to your sales increasing leading to your profit margin increasing. The use of all of our features will mean that you will be able to process transactions quickly and effectively which means that the customers will be served quickly leading to their satisfaction increasing leading to them becoming loyal and repeat purchasing leading to their sales increasing leading to the profit margin widening.

This is what Teddington post office said about our features and being able to use their till offline. “I am very happy about how the WOWPOS features work to speed up transactions. I hated my web based EPOS. Now I don’t have to work with two problems, one being reliant on internet and one being limited features.” This shows that your business will be massively impacted if your till needs internet to operate as you will not be able to use it if the internet is down meaning that you will not be able to serve customers leading to your sales and profit struggling.

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