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Should you hire a sommelier?

Do you have a sommelier? If you own a fine dining restaurant, there will be certain elements that you will require in order to run a successful restaurant. Your restaurant may have high quality food, attractive décor and skilled waiters. But if you do not have a sommelier, you will severely limit the revenue of your restaurant. A sommelier will be an expert on the wines that you offer customers and will continuously communicate with your diners. Here are a few reasons why you should invest into a sommelier.

Should you hire a sommelier?


Do your staff have good communication skills? A sommelier will be an authoritative figure and will be able to communicate effectively with your staff. This will ensure that your staff know exactly what their responsibilities are which will prevent mistakes from occurring. A sommelier will be able to manage your staff and will increase the efficiency of your restaurant. A sommelier will have years of extensive training and will have in-depth knowledge on the wines that you offer. They will be able to describe all of the aromas and flavours of your wine which will encourage the customer to purchase the wine. Due to the sommelier’s expertise, the customer will trust the sommelier which will increase the likeliness of them buying your expensive wines. This shows a sommelier will be able to boost the sales of your restaurant. Don’t know what wines to sell? A sommelier will be able to give you guidance on which wines will be the most profitable for your restaurant.

Food Experts

Do your staff know their food? A sommelier will be experts in wine but they will also have in-depth knowledge about food. They will have knowledge about specialty foods from all over the world. This is a useful characteristic because it will allow your sommelier to suggest food and wine combinations to your customers. This will encourage customers to try a new dish and will lead to them purchasing a certain combination. Customers will trust your sommelier’s suggestion as it will display that the sommelier cares about the customer. This will increase the likeliness of the customer purchasing the more expensive combination. This proves that investing into a sommelier will give you the opportunity to significantly increase your sales.

Eager to Learn

Even though sommeliers are experts in wine, not all customers will like their preferences or decide to buy the wine they have recommended. A sommelier must be able to cater for their customer’s needs and find a wine that is suitable for the customer. Even though the sommelier may not agree with the decision. This will ensure that you provide your customers with high-quality customer service. Has your sommelier got previous experience? When you are hiring a sommelier, you should ensure that they have managerial experience within a restaurant environment. This will ensure that the sommelier can take charge and manage your staff. Your sommelier should be able to understand how their wine list and suggestions can help your restaurant financially.

Understanding the production of wines

Do you know how wine is produced? Your sommelier will know the ins and outs of the production of wine. They will be able to identify how different soils will affect the taste of the wine and how different grapes are combined. It is important for your sommelier to understand every step of the wine creation process as this will allow the sommelier to provide the customer with a wider range of information. The more information your sommelier provides, the more trust that the customer will have in your sommelier. Understanding the production of wines will enable your sommelier to make better suggestions as they will know how wine reacts with certain foods. If your sommelier suggests combinations which your customers do not like, they will lose trust in your sommelier. This could lead to them avoiding your restaurant which will limit the number of customers you receive.

Share their expertise

When you hire a sommelier, they will be able to share their knowledge with your staff. This will give your customers a wider range of knowledge and will allow your employees to provide the best dining experience to your guests. Your sommelier will be able to educate your staff on wines and suitable food and wine combinations for your customers. Even when your sommelier is busy, your staff will still be able to provide your customers with suggestions. This will enable all of your customers to have a high-quality experience in your restaurant which will encourage them to return to your restaurant. A sommelier will have a big impact on the number of loyal customers you receive.

Does your restaurant need a sommelier?


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