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Should you provide free Wifi?

During the rise of technology throughout the millennial years, the majority of restaurants now offer free Wi-Fi to their customers. This is because customers will want to undertake activities such as posting on their social media, check their emails or even complete assignments for their university or college courses. This will lead to people wanting to come to your restaurant because they know that they will be able to complete their activities without using their own data which costs money. If a customer is completing a piece of work, it will mean that they will be in your establishment for a long period of time. This will lead to the customer buying more products in your restaurant which will lead to the sales of your restaurant increasing. This proves that free Wifi is an effective tactic to keep customers in your establishment and to lure them to purchase more products. Even if your restaurant doesn’t appeal to the customer, they will still visit your restaurant due to the free wifi. This will allow to attract different audiences to your restaurant leading to your restaurant becoming busier. This will have a positive impact on the sales and profit of your company. However, before you offer free Wi-Fi, there are a few aspects you will have to know about.

Should you provide free Wifi?

Have a separate Wi-Fi for customers

One mistake a lot of small establishments make is opening their business Wi-Fi to their customers. This seems like a good idea as it will save your restaurant money. However, it makes your system accessible to third parties which could lead to your data being hacked or stolen. If you have an EPOS system that operates on your wifi and your Wi-Fi gets hacked, your customer’s credit card details will be at risk. This shows that even though another Wi-Fi plan will be more expensive, it will be safer for your business and will increase the security of your restaurant’s data and your customer’s data.

Do not set it up yourself

As a small restaurant, you will not want to spend a lot of money on your Wi-Fi as your budget will be limited. However, if you try and set up your Wi-Fi yourself, it could lead to you causing more problems and may lead to you incurring more costs. This is why you should hire a professional to set up your Wi-Fi. This is because they will have the skills and expertise to ensure that everything is set up correctly such as security to ensure that unauthorised users cannot access your data. The professional will also be able to choose the best location for your router. It is recommended that the router is in a place where it will not obstruct the path of customers and should be as close as possible to the seating area to maximise the signal strength. Hiring a professional means that if anything goes wrong, they will be able to come to your restaurant to fix the issue. This proves that hiring a professional will be a worthy investment for your restaurant.

Will your Wi-Fi be able to deal with the number of customers you have?

When purchasing Wi-Fi for your restaurant, you will have to consider how many customers will be using the Wi-Fi. This is because if you didn’t have a sufficient amount of bandwidth, the internet connection will be slow for customers leading to them getting frustrated and could result in them leaving the establishment. It is recommended that you have 1.2 megabits per second for every 10 customers connected to the Wi-Fi. This will allow you to determine how much bandwidth you will need for all of your customers to be able to connect to the Wi-Fi smoothly. Once you calculate how much bandwidth you need, you will be able to look at different Wi-Fi providers so you can get the best deal for your restaurant.

Put a Password on your Wi-Fi

Even though your Wi-Fi will be used by customers, you should still put a password on your Wi-Fi to prevent third parties from breaching the security and hacking the Wi-Fi so it goes down. If your Wi-Fi goes down, your restaurant’s data and the customer’s data will become very vulnerable. You should display your Wi-Fi password somewhere in your restaurant so it is visible for customers e.g. at the bar of your restaurant. Another way is getting customers to ask their waiter for the password. However, the most effective method is by printing the Wi-Fi password on your receipt. This means that customers will have to buy a product from your restaurant before they get the Wi-Fi password. This will ensure that all customers are buying products which will increase your sales and profit.

Limit the Usage

If your restaurant regularly has a long wait for customers to be seated, then you should put a limit on the amount of time that the customer can use the wi-fi for. This will prevent customers from spending a long period of time at your restaurant without buying any more products. This will ensure that customers leave the restaurant after their meal and do not hang around at the table to use the wi-fi. This will allow tables to be free for customers to be seated which will reduce the amount of time they will be waiting. This proves that limiting the Wi-Fi usage will allow customers to browse the internet while they are eating their meal but will allow tables to be free for other customers to be seated. Limiting the usage of your Wi-Fi will ensure your restaurant runs efficiently.

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