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Should your Restaurant have a Dress Code?

Over the years, many restaurants have found new ways to differentiate their restaurants so that they can lure in new audiences. This has led to many restaurants deciding to enforce a dress code for their customers. One of the main objectives of a dress code is to make your restaurant look more attractive and formal. However, a dress code will not be suitable for every restaurant due to many different aspects such as the type of restaurant and target audience. Here are a few of the aspects you should consider when deciding to implement a dress code.

Should your Restaurant have a Dress Code?

Type of Restaurant

One of the biggest factors you must consider is the type of restaurant that you own. This is because dress codes will not be suitable for certain restaurants such as fast food restaurants or casual dining restaurants. This is because customers will eat in your restaurant due to the convenience so will not want to get dressed up. If you implemented a dress code in a fast food restaurant or a casual dining restaurant, you would limit your sales as people will not be able to just walk in to your restaurant after they have been at work or shopping. Dress codes will only be beneficial for gourmet restaurants as customers will plan to go to your restaurant and will be eating with friends or family which will lead to them wanting to dress up. If you own a gourmet restaurant, it is recommended that you introduce a dress code because this will make your restaurant look attractive and will encourage customers to visit your restaurant. If you have customers who are not dressed nice in your gourmet restaurant, it may have a negative effect on the reputation of your restaurant.

Target Audience

Do your customers want to dress up? As a restaurateur, it is crucial that you understand the needs and wants of your target audience. This means that when you are thinking of implementing a dress code, you should consider if your customers will want to dress up. For example, if your target audience was millennials, they may not want to dress formal which means they may avoid your restaurant. If you implement a dress code which your customers do not like, you will lose customers which will limit your sales. Dress codes will be beneficial for restaurants who have target audiences who are upper class and wealthy as they will like to be well groomed and dressed up.


Dress codes are usually used by restaurants who want to attract customers to have a sit-down meal and spend a lot of time in your restaurant. However, as a restaurateur, it is vital that you consider your location when you are deciding on a dress code as your location will determine which type of customers you attract. If you are based in a low-income community, the customers may not be able to afford to dress up which will prevent them from coming into your restaurant. Do you serve food to take out? If you are based near businesses or a train station, you will have many people walking in to your restaurant to buy something that they can eat on the go. This means that they will not be able to dress up to eat in your establishment. This shows that if you implement a dress code in the wrong location, you can severely limit the sales and success of your restaurant.


What do you serve? As a restaurateur, you will have to consider the meals that you offer when deciding on a dress code. No one is going to want to ruin their best suit by eating a greasy burger. If your restaurant serves meals such as burgers and chips, a formal dress code will not be suitable for your restaurant as it will not suit the food that you offer. If your restaurant has a formal dress code, you should offer high quality meals which would be offered at a formal dinner. A dress code can help make your meals look attractive as it will display your restaurant as high quality and glamorous.  Your dress code should match the quality of your meals.

Will you be adding a touch of glamour to your restaurant?

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