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Takeaway EPOS systems

Do you own a Takeaway restaurant? Then we have the solution for you. OmniPOS is the revolutionary hospitality system which will transform the way you serve your customers. OmniPOS makes everyday business management an effortless task for business owners. OmniPOS gives your Takeaway the competitive edge to compete against your more established competitors.

Staff Management

At WOWPOS, we understand the importance of having an efficient team of employees so that you can offer the highest level of customer service. As a business owner, you will not have the time to monitor your staff which is why OmniPOS does it for you. OmniPOS enables each employee to have their own account on the system which they will use to serve customers. This allow you to see how many sales each employee is making. OmniPOS gives you the ability to increase your sales by enabling you to see if employees are reaching their targets and if they are upselling enough. We know that you will not always be able to watch your staff , OmniPOS will ensure that your staff are fulfilling their job roles at all times. OmniPOS enables you to ensure that your employees are in the restaurant when they are supposed to be by integrating a clock in feature. The Clock in integration will enable you to record what times employees are arriving and leaving the restaurant. This will allow you to ensure that your employees are arriving on time and are not leaving early. OmniPOS ensures that your restaurant is sufficiently staffed so you can continue to serve customers.

Kitchen Messages

Do you have regular customers who have special requirements? OmniPOS will be able to put a smile on their faces. OmniPOS enables you to send messages to the kitchen so that your chef can specially prepare meals for each of your customers. When you type the order into your system, you will be able to add notes which will allow the chefs to improve the quality of your meals. OmniPOS ensures that your takeaway will be able to meet any requirements that your customers may have. Keep your customers hungry for more by providing your customers with a quality meal and serve them with even better customer service. Watch the sales come flooding in with OmniPOS.

Product Upload

Want your takeaway to stand out? OmniPOS enables you to create promotions for certain periods of time. This gives you the ability to lure in more customers by offering special deals at your busiest times e.g. meal deals at lunch time. OmniPOS enables your business to become busy and will encourage your sales to grow. Do you get large orders? OmniPOS enables you to encourage large orders by offering discounted prices when a customer spends a specified amount in your restaurant. Do you want to add value to your products? OmniPOS will increase your profitability by enabling you to offer different prices for your product e.g. eat in, eat out or delivery. This shows that OmniPOS is the leading system in Takeaway EPOS systems.

Plug in and Play

We understand that your hungry customers will not want to wait for their food. This is why OmniPOS enables you to serve customers as soon as you take the system out of the box. OmniPOS does not require any complex installations or time consuming configurations which enables you to start transforming your takeaway as soon as you receive your system through the post. Once you plug in your system, your system will be configured with the best layout for your takeaway. Our guided set up will allow you to use your OmniPOS system to its full potential.

Orderlord integration

Do you deliver to your customers? OmniPOS has teamed up with Orderlord to maximise the efficiency of your delivery service. Orderlord will enable your takeaway to manage their deliveries and track orders so that none of your deliveries are late. Your efficient delivery service will encourage your customers to be loyal and will lead to them placing more orders. Orderlord will increase your customer’s satisfaction by sending them updates about their order. Put your delivery service in the fast lane with OmniPOS. Our integrations show that OmniPOS is one of the leading Takeaway EPOS systems.



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