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What you need to become a good Restaurant Manager?

Being a Restaurant manager is a far from easy job and not everyone has the mental capacity to be able to do it. There are many skills and personal qualities needed to be able to run a business and keep the restaurant afloat.

What you need to become a good Restaurant Manager?

Having Knowledge about running a business

As a Restaurant Manager, you may know a lot about food and may be a good chef but that’s not the only things you need to run a successful restaurant because if you do not know how to run a business, your restaurant will fail. This is because you will need to be able to know about all of the different costs that you will rack up while operating your business, this will mean that you should make sure you budget correctly so that you already have the money you need to pay costs and are not relying on sales because if you do not get the sales then you would not be able to pay for your costs which could lead to you getting into debt. You should also know a lot about promoting and marketing your products because if you do not promote your Restaurant, no one will know that it exists which will lead to no one going there leading to there being no sales. You should also know how to make profit on your products and add value to your products because if you sell your products for a price that is the same as the production cost then it will lead to you not making any money on your products which will lead to you not making any money which will lead to you unable to progress and pay your overheads which will lead to the Restaurant failing.

Good Decision Making

As a Restaurant Manager, you will be faced with a load of tough decisions starting with setting up the business and will still need to make them when the Restaurant is successful and doing well. This means that you will need to be able to make educated decisions and will be able to research the advantages and risks of making each decision and will have to decide whether the risks are worth it to make the decision. This shows that you will have to be able to stay calm when making a decision and not panic because if you did, it could lead to you making the wrong decision and especially in the early stages of the business, it could lead to the business failing. Able to work effectively under pressure and stress Managing any type of business will bring a lot of pressure towards the manager but in the restaurant industry, there is a lot more. This is because there is a lot that could go wrong in a restaurant, for example, if the chef calls in sick there will be no products for the customers to buy as everything is made from scratch which will cause a lot of pressure as the manager will have to find a solution because if he didn’t then the customers would get angry and go somewhere else and a lot of business would be lost. This shows that the manager must be able to deal with pressure as he would have to deal with all the complaining customers and try and sort out the solution at the same time which will lead to them having a lot of pressure on them. If the manager couldn’t deal with the pressure, if anything went wrong then they wouldn’t be able to deal with the problem as the pressure would get too much for them.


There are a lot of responsibilities that the Restaurant manager will have to deal with throughout the period of time that the Restaurant Manager will be running the business. There will be a load of different responsibilities that the Restaurant manager will have to deal with and they will vary a lot from keeping records on the employee’s to making sure that all payments are made when they need to be. This will mean that the restaurant manager will have to make sure they manage them effectively and make sure they fulfil all of them on time. For example, if the manager forgot to pay a loan payment by a certain time then it would lead to the restaurant having to pay out more money which will damage the financial status of the restaurant substantially. They will also have to be responsible for the health and safety and sanitation of the working environment because if it weren’t at the government issued standard, then the manager would get into trouble and the restaurant will be fine and it could even lead to the restaurant being shut down.


As the Manager of the Restaurant, you will have to help out wherever help is needed which will lead you to having to do many roles at once especially when the restaurant is just starting up as you will not be able to afford a lot of staff. This will mean that you will have to do a lot of activities at the same time which means you will have to be good at multi-tasking and switch your focus between the roles because if the manager had to go on the phone and manage staff and the manager just focused on the staff then the phone will not be answered and it could lead to many customers who wanted to reserve tables not being able to which will lead them going to another restaurant. This will lead to the sales decreasing and the profit margin decreasing and will also lead to the competitiveness decreasing.

Be A Leader

As the Restaurant Manager, you are the person in charge and in control of the business and you should make sure your staff know that by being the leader and making sure they are all doing what they are supposed to be doing and that no one is slacking or doing something that they are not supposed to be doing. This leadership will make sure that the restaurant is running effectively which will lead to the customer service being better which will lead to the customer’s being satisfied and becoming loyal which will lead to the sales increasing and the profit margin widening. As a good leader, you will also be a good communicator which means that you will be able to communicate well with your staff and will be able to deal with any queries and concerns which will lead to the staff being happy as they know they will be able to talk to the manager which will lead to them being motivated and happy which will lead to them offering better customer service.

So do you think you have what it takes to become a good restaurant manager?

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