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What you should look for when hiring staff?

As a Restaurant, it is crucial that you have an effective team of staff. This is because they will help determine the level of your customer service and without good service, your restaurant will find it hard to generate sales and gain loyal customers. The employees of your restaurant will be the first people to engage with your customers which will lead to their first impressions of your restaurant being determined by your staff. It is crucial that you take time when hiring staff and do not employ the first person you see. The staff you choose should help your restaurant grow and become successful.

What you should look for when hiring staff?


When hiring employees, many restaurant owners just look at the qualifications and skills that an applicant has. Even though it is beneficial for your employees to have qualifications and specific skills, it does not mean that they will be a good employee. You should look for people who show that they have always been willing to learn new skills because this shows that they will want to develop which will have a positive impact on their work levels and attitude. When you are hiring employees, you should look for motivated individuals who will be passionate about their job. This is because they will always work hard and will go beyond their job role to satisfy your customers. This shows that hiring motivated employees will allow you to increase the level of customer service in your establishment.

Willing to take responsibilities

If you are the owner of a small restaurant, you will have a limited budget which will restrict you on the amount of employees that you can afford to hire. It is recommended that you hire employees who will thrive when they are given extra responsibilities. This is because if any employees are under performing or absent, your other employees will be able to carry out their responsibilities which will enable you to continue to run your restaurant sufficiently. As a small restaurant, it is important to have employees who can fill different job roles because this will restrict the amount of employees that you will need to hire which will reduce your costs.

Ability to work under pressure

It is a well-known fact that restaurants are one of the most stressful environments to work in. This shows that your employees will be under a lot of pressure during the peak periods. This is why it is crucial for you to hire employees who thrive under pressure and have experience of working under pressure. It is also recommended for your employees to have experience in working in restaurants. This is because it will ensure that your employees will be able to deal with the pressure and will be able to continue to serve customers with a smile even when times get tough. Having employees who thrive under pressure will enable your restaurant to provide a high level of customer service and will be able to deal with any complaints effectively.

Able to work in a Team

When you are interviewing employees, it is crucial that you look for friendly applicants who have experience of working in a team. This is because it is essential that all of your employees get on well with each other and communicate effectively. This is because if your employees didn’t like each other, it would mean that your employees will not communicate which will prevent them from being able to work effectively in a team. This will have a negative impact on your customer service and will decrease the efficiency of your restaurant. Employees arguing will deter customers away from your restaurant.


When hiring an employee, you should ensure that they will be flexible and will be able to work a wide range of different hours. This is because your restaurant will be open for a large amount of hours every week so it is crucial that you have a team of staff who will be able to cover all of the hours. There is no point hiring an employee who can work 4 hours a week because this will mean that your restaurant may be understaffed the rest of the week. It is recommended that you hire employees who will be able to cover shifts of employees who have called in sick. This will ensure that your restaurant is always sufficiently staffed.

Good Reference

References will allow you to ensure that your applicants are telling the truth in their interviews. The references will enable you to find out more about the applicant and will ensure you whether they are suitable for the job or not. References will be essential for you to be able to make the decision of which applicants to hire.


It is recommended that once you have chosen an applicant, you should give them a trial shift or put them on a probation period. This will allow you to ensure that the employee is suitable for your restaurant and fits in with the rest of the employees. The trial will allow you to predict whether your employee will be successful in their role and whether you made the right decision.

Effective staff will help your business grow and succeed.

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