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Why OmniPOS is one of the best Restaurant POS systems?

OmniPOS is widely recommended as one of the best choices for Restaurant POS systems. This is because of the various features that OmniPOS has which will enable your restaurant to serve your customers efficiently and effective. OmniPOS has been specialised for restaurants which enables OmniPOS to understand exactly what your restaurant requires. Here are a few of the features that will prove why OmniPOS is one of the best Restaurant POS systems that money can buy.

Table Ordering

OmniPOS has been designed so that it is lightweight and can fit easily into the hands of your staff. Our tablet can be detached from the stand which transforms it into a mobile POS system. This enables the tablet to be used at any location within your restaurant. This gives your staff the ability to take the tablet with them to the customer’s table which enables them to record their order on the tablet and send it straight to the kitchen. This will increase the convenience of your service as your staff will not have to write the order down on paper and then put it through the system. Orders will be sent to the kitchen quicker which will enable your customers to receive their meals quicker. This shows that OmniPOS will enable you to increase your customer satisfaction which will encourage customer loyalty and repeat purchasing. OmniPOS will also have the ability to be integrated with a card reader which will enable you to take payments at your customer’s table which will increase the convenience of the payment for the customer. This will satisfy your customer’s needs and will encourage the customer to become loyal and repeat purchase. This proves that OmniPOS will improve your customer service which is why OmniPOS is one of the best Restaurant POS systems.

Staff Management

At WOWPOS, we understand the importance of having an efficient team of staff as the staff are the first aspect of your restaurant which the customers will judge. This why OmniPOS gives you a wider control over your staff and will ensure that your staff are fulfilling their job roles professionally. OmniPOS enables you to create multiple accounts which means that each employee can have their own individual account to log into when using the till. This will allow you to monitor your employee’s sales and will ensure that your employees are meeting their targets and are upselling products. At the end of the day, you will be able to get individual sales reports from each of your employee’s accounts. This will enable you to identify if there is any missing money and will be able to know which account the money is missing from. This enables you to reduce the chance of theft which prevents you from losing any valuables. OmniPOS enables you to integrate a clock in feature on your till which means that employees will be able to use the till to clock in and out. This will allow you to ensure that employees are arriving on time and leaving on time which will allow your restaurant to be sufficiently staffed at all times. This will maintain your level of customer service and will keep your customers happy. The clock in feature will also allow you to manage the working hours of your employees and will enable you to limit the times that employees can use the system to clock in and out. OmniPOS is one of the leading Restaurant POS systems because it enables you to have a wider control over the activities of your employees which will increase the efficiency of your restaurant.

Table Management

Restaurants can get very busy which is why it is essential for you to be able to manage your tables efficiently. OmniPOS will enable you to manage your tables from the comfort of your till. OmniPOS will give you full control over the floor of your restaurant by allowing you to see what tables are being used and by showing how many people are on each table. OmniPOS will enable you to increase the efficiency of your restaurant by allocating orders to specific tables and planning your staff levels depending on the amount of full tables. The table management feature will enable you to see what tables are free which will allow you to seat customers quickly which will reduce waiting times. OmniPOS gives you the opportunity to integrate your booking software so that you can see how many tables are reserved which will prevent the risk of overbooking any tables. You have full customisation of your table layout by dragging tables so that you can replicate the layout of your tables in the restaurant. Improve your table management with OmniPOS.

UK Support

At WOWPOS, we understand the importance of having good communication with our customers which is why our support team is based in the UK. This enables our highly skilled technicians to be able to provide you with the assistance you need as soon as you contact us. Our Technicians have designed OmniPOS themselves and have years of experience in the EPOS industry. This gives them the knowledge so that they can provide effective solutions to any issues that you may experience. Our support centre is open 24/7 because we know that you may have urgent questions at any time. Our Support team will answer any questions that you may have within a matter of minutes. At WOWPOS, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and have over 3,200 satisfied customers. Our excellent customer service has not gone unnoticed as we have the reputation of “Highest Rated POS customer service”. OmniPOS also comes with an exclusive live chat feature which is built in to your system which enables you to communicate with the support team straight from your till. Expect a reply from our team within seconds. Our excellent customer service has allowed OmniPOS to become one of the leading restaurant POS systems.

No need for new hardware

We know that your restaurant’s budget will be precious which is why OmniPOS helps you save money. Our solution will be able to work on any device which has an internet connection which means that you will not have to fork out money for new hardware. OmniPOS can even work on competitor’s hardware which means that even if you were with another company, you will still be able to upgrade with OmniPOS. OmniPOS enables your restaurant to make money instead of spend it.


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