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Why OmniPOS is perfect for your Small Restaurant

At WOWPOS, we identified that there was not an EPOS system which fulfilled the needs of small restaurants. This is why we designed OmniPOS, the revolutionary hospitality system which will cater for all of your restaurant’s needs. You are probably thinking that we designed the system for the big, fancy restaurants. However, at WOWPOS, we cater for small businesses which is why we have ensured that OmniPOS is perfect for your small restaurant.

Table Ordering

At WOWPOS, we understand that customer service will be essential for your small restaurant because a majority of your sales will come from loyal customers. OmniPOS will enable you to offer a higher level of customer service which will enable your restaurant to compete against your more established competitors. OmniPOS will enable you to use your till as a portable device by designing it to be lightweight and handheld which means that your staff will be able to carry it around with them to serve the customers. This means that you will be able to detach your tablet from the stand and serve your customers right next to their side. This will allow you to record orders from the customer’s table and send them straight to the kitchen which will increase the speed of your restaurant’s service and will reduce the waiting times. Our Table Ordering feature enables you to put a smile on your customer’s face by allowing them to relax at their table and receive their food without a long wait time. Do your customers have to leave their table to pay the bill? OmniPOS brings the bill to your customers by allowing you to process payments from any location within the establishment. OmniPOS enables you to satisfy your customer needs which will keep them coming back for more.

Table Management

At WOWPOS, we understand the struggle of managing your tables and allocating tables to your customers. Luckily, OmniPOS has the solution for you as OmniPOS has a table management feature which enables you to have full control of your tables. This allows you to change the layout of the tables on the system so that you can replicate the layout of your tables in your restaurant. OmniPOS gives you the power to see how many people are seated at each table and allows you to identify which tables are free and which tables are reserved. This will give your staff the ability to seat your customers quickly which will reduce waiting times. This will keep a smile on your customer’s faces and will encourage them to become loyal which will give you the opportunity to compete against your more established competitors. Does your restaurant have a booking system? OmniPOS enables you to integrate your booking system so that you can assign reservations to the tables on your screen. This will ensure that you do not overbook tables which will keep your restaurant running smoothly. OmniPOS will allow your small restaurant to run as smoothly as your larger competitors.

Kitchen Messages

As a small restaurant, we understand that you will want to make sure that every single customer enjoys their meal and is satisfied with the service that they have received. OmniPOS gives you the opportunity to ensure that all meals are enjoyed by allowing you to send messages to the kitchen which informs the chefs about any special or dietary requirements e.g. extra cheese or gluten free. This gives your customer the ability to customise their meals and ensures that all of their customer needs are met. It also enables your chefs to offer higher quality meals to the customers which will keep the customers loyal and will give you access to an increased number of repeat purchases. This proves that OmniPOS is perfect for small restaurants because it enables you to focus on your customer’s experience in your establishment.

Plug and Play

As a small restaurant owner, you will most likely be serving customers as well as running the restaurant which means that you will not have a lot of spare time. WOWPOS understands this issue which is why we have designed OmniPOS to be plug and play. This means that you will be able to set up your system by simply plugging the system into a power source. This shows that there are no time-consuming installations or complex configuration which allows you to use your system straight out of the box. If you get stuck when you are setting your system up, there is a guided walk through which enables you to configure your system specified to your restaurant’s needs. After a short 15 minutes, your system will be customised to your needs so that you can offer quality customer service.


WOWPOS understands that small restaurants will have a limited budget so will not have the opportunity to invest a large amount of money into an POS system. However, OmniPOS allows you to transform your small restaurant into an established restaurant for the cheap price of £24.99 per month. We allow you to make money instead of spending it by giving you the opportunity to use our software on any device which has internet. This means that you could turn your tablet or laptop into a till. Have you been with another EPOS Provider? OmniPOS can be used on your old hardware even if it is from a different company. This shows that you will not need to fork out for new hardware when you buy the OmniPOS software. This keeps your costs low while your sales will start to grow. OmniPOS will increase the profitability of your restaurant so that you can compete against the more established restaurants.


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