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Why OmniPOS is the leading Hospitality EPOS system in the UK

OmniPOS has the reputation of being the revolutionary hospitality system. OmniPOS aims to provide your hospitality business with a level of customer service that no other hospitality EPOS system will be able to provide you with. Our technicians used ground breaking technology to design OmniPOS so that your business management is effortless. OmniPOS will give you opportunities that your business will not have experienced before.

Cloud Based

OmniPOS is a cloud based system which enables your business to be connected to the cloud. We understand how precious your business and customer data is which is why all of your data will automatically synchronise and be backed up to the cloud. This ensures that you will never lose your essential data. The cloud has high levels of security which makes it nearly impossible for third parties to gain unauthorised access to your data. Most hospitality EPOS systems will only allow you to access your software on one device. This means that you will have to analyse your reports and make changes to your system using the till. This prevents you from being able to serve customers when you want to make changes to your till. OmniPOS increases the convenience of your business by allowing you to access your system on multiple devices. This means that you will be able to analyse your reports or edit your system while serving customers. OmniPOS understands that business owners will constantly be on the go and will not always have the ability to visit the establishment. OmniPOS will enable you to access your system from any location in the world as long as there is an internet connection. OmniPOS gives you access to your system which other systems do not provide. Many cloud based systems will require internet to work which means if the internet connection goes down, the system will not be able to operate. However, OmniPOS can also operate as a standalone system. This means that if your internet connection is slow or does not work, your system will still be able to operate allowing you to continue to serve customers. Once your internet is reconnected to the system, the transactions you made offline will automatically synchronise which will increase the accuracy of your reports. This proves that OmniPOS is the leading Hospitality EPOS system in the UK.

Guided Walkthroughs

At WOWPOS, we identified that many business owners have trouble when setting up their EPOS systems. We understand this can cause you a lot of stress as you will need your system to work as soon as possible and will not have the time to be setting up a complex till system. OmniPOS satisfies your needs by offering you a guided set up, this means that you will be guided through all of the different aspects of your till which will ensure that your till is set up correctly. The guided walkthrough will ensure that your system caters for your needs which will allow you to use the system to its full potential. Our guided set up enables you to be able to set your system up in less than 15 minutes. This shows that you will be able to use your OmniPOS solution to put a smile on your customer’s face on the day that you receive your system. This proves that OmniPOS is the leading hospitality EPOS system in the UK as no other systems provide this feature.

Easy to Use

Many hospitality systems have complex till interfaces which makes it very hard for your employees to be trained to use the system. OmniPOS has a simple till interface and will provide you with a categorised menu so that your employees can find the products that they are looking for easily and quickly. You will be able to train your employees how to use your till within a matter of minutes. This will enable your employees to offer a high level of customer service as the chance of human error will be reduced. Your waiting times will be reduced due to your employees being able to navigate the software easily and quickly. OmniPOS comes with interactive guides to answer any questions that you may have which enables you to use your system effectively.

Exclusive Live Chat

OmniPOS understands that if you have any questions or issues about your system, you will need to solve them quickly so that you can continue to operate your system effectively to serve customers. This is why OmniPOS provides you with an exclusive live chat feature which enables you to communicate with our support team straight from your till.  This means that whenever you have a question, you will be able to receive an answer within a matter of seconds. OmniPOS ensures that you will be able to use your till at all times so that you can satisfy all of your customers. OmniPOS is the only hospitality EPOS system in the UK which integrates a live chat feature on their till.

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