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Why pokemon Go is The New Way For Businesses to Market themselves!

Pokemon Go is the App Game which has captured everyone’s attention. If you yourself aren’t currently scouring your local neighbourhood, for small cute animated characters, so that you can capture them and win points - it’s guaranteed that someone you know is. And you and your business can get involved!

Why pokemon Go is The New Way For Businesses to Market themselves!

Your business is a physical store, probably based within a busy community, and Pokemon is all about location. It gets people out of their homes and draws them towards high streets and local landmarks. It does this by creating hotspots, known as ‘poké-stops‘ which give free items, and 'poké-gyms' where players battle pokemon! Here are three steps to win at Pokemon Go for your business:

1) Increase customer numbers by 50%, with a ‘lure’

If you own a business such a shops, restaurant or café you can create lures when Pokemon 'trainers' (players) arrive you can add a lure next to a Pokestop. Just click on the pokestop. Then tap on the lure module. The lure last 30 minutes. That is 30 minutes of increased footfall and trade!

2) Make Your Business ‘The Place’ to Be

Tell people about a rare Pokemon near your store or business. If you know there is a good pokemon near your store, then post on social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Add a screen shot of it. People will sooner be paying you a visit to catch that rare Pokemon!

3) Be a charging station

Advertise that Pokemon 'trainers' can come into your café and charge their phone before they continue the game. Provided they buy a beverage or some food, of course!


Case Study: New York pizzeria L'inizio Pizza Bar 

Restaurant businesses in the US, are already seeing Pokemon Go influence the choice of destination for restaurant-goers (see image, top right). And by utilising the app they are seeing big rewards! New York pizzeria L'inizio Pizza Bar saw sales rocket up 75 percent when they used just 10 Pokemon 'lures'!

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