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Why should you choose OmniPOS?

At WOWPOS, we identified the gap in the market for a cloud based hospitality system. This is why we designed the OmniPOS system so that your hospitality business has access to ground breaking software that will transform your business. OmniPOS aims to make everyday business management effortless for your business. OmniPOS will also provide you with access to features which will enable you to optimise your customer’s experience in your establishment.

Work Offline

Many Cloud based systems will require internet connection to operate. However, OmniPOS has all of the benefits of the cloud but can also standalone when your internet connection is compromised. This means that when the internet goes down, your system will still be able to work efficiently which enables you to carry on meeting the needs of your customers even when your internet is slow. When your internet is reconnected, the transactions that you made offline will automatically synchronise which will increase the accuracy of your reports. OmniPOS is the best solution for you because you will have the benefits of cloud based systems but will also be able to continue operating if you have internet problems.

Easy to Use

At WOWPOS, we understand that business owners will be very busy and will not have the time to set up or be trained to use a complex till system. Therefore, we have designed OmniPOS to be user friendly. We understand that you will need to use your system to serve customers as soon as you receive the system. This is why OmniPOS is plug and play which means there are no complex installations and configurations so that when your system is plugged in, you can start using your system to put smiles on your customer’s faces. OmniPOS will be ready to use within minutes of taking it out of the box. We understand that setting up a till can be daunting which is why the software will guide you through the setup of the till so that you can use the system to its full potential. OmniPOS has a simple till interface which enables your employees to be trained to use the software within a matter of minutes. This will allow your employees to offer a higher level of customer service as the chance of human error will be reduced.

Interactive Reports

Want to know how your business is performing? OmniPOS offers you access to a wide range of Interactive reports which will give you the ability to make decisions to improve the efficiency of your business. Our Interactive Reports will give you access to a wide range of different reports which will enable you to analyse different aspects of your business e.g. sales, customers, employees and stock. We made our reports interactive so that you can choose to view the reports which are most important to your business. You will also be able to change the format of the reports so you can understand all of the information that is displayed in the reports. Our reports will enable you to optimise your promotional activities and cut your costs by identifying your best-selling products and identifying the products which are struggling. You will be able to maximise your profits by being able to visualise your profit and loss. Are you always on the go? You can access your interactive reports on multiple devices and from any location which has an internet connection. This shows that OmniPOS makes it convenient for you to manage your business.


Don’t worry, you will not need a degree in EPOS systems to use the OmniPOS solution. Our UK based technical support team are highly skilled and have years of working in the EPOS industry which enables them to provide you with all the support and training that you will need to use OmniPOS to its full potential. Our Support centre is open 24/7 which means whenever you have an issue or question, our support team will be able to provide you with an effective solution in a matter of minutes. This shows that you will be able to use your solution at any time to serve your customers. We understand that your business will want to make money instead of spend it, this is why we will provide all OmniPOS customers with lifetime support at no extra cost. As an OmniPOS customer, you will have access to the exclusive live chat which enables you to contact our support team straight from your till. This means all of your questions will be answered within seconds.

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