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Why should you offer good customer service?

When visiting your establishment, the first thing the customers will interact with are your staff. This will be the first opportunity for the customers to get a first impression from the restaurant which is why it is important for the staff to offer good customer service as you want the customers to have a good first impression and be pleased with the welcome so that they are lured into the restaurant or bar and will order a drink and or a meal.

Why should you offer good customer service?

Loyal Customers

If you ensure that the staff help the customers and serve with a smile on their face and deal with any issues, then the customer will enjoy their experience at the restaurant which will lead to them wanting to come back as they know they will have a good time and that the staff will deal with any issues and will do everything they can to ensure the customers have a good time. This will lead to the customers repeat purchasing and will lead to them becoming loyal which will increase the sales of the business and will also increase the competitiveness of the business as customers will choose them over competitors as they know they will get good customer service.

Business Reputation

Customers will discuss their experiences at restaurants with their friends or family which is important you make sure that every customer has a good experience and if there are any complaints they are sorted as soon as possible. This is because if your staff were rude to a customer or didn’t deal with any issues or help, then the customers will be angry and will discuss this with their family or friends through word of mouth advertising which will lead to the business getting a bad name. This will lead to people avoiding your restaurant because they have heard bad things about it and will lead them going to your competitors which will lead to the restaurant not being busy and their sales decreasing and could lead to the competitors becoming more successful.

Unique Selling Point

Especially as a small business where you will not be able to offer the same prices or quality as the franchise restaurants, it will be essential that you have good customer service because many of the customers that go to these bigger and busier restaurants will complain about the lack of service and the long waits. This will give you a good opportunity to be able to compete with the bigger companies as customers will want to come to your small restaurant as they know they will be dealt with straight away and will have a good experience at the restaurant. You should use this as your unique selling point and market with good customer service being the focus as that will make you stand out from the rest and will allow the public to know about it which will lead to them to come to the restaurant which will increase business and sales. This will also allow the small business to reduce the risk of the business failing as their income and profit will increase massively. This will allow you to be able to charge your usual prices instead of having to cut your profits to compete with the franchise’s low prices.

Better Work Environment

Providing good customer service does not just benefit the customers because it will also have a good effect on the staff which will lead to them being happy at work and will lead to them enjoying being in the working environment. This is because if the customers are happy then the mood will rub off on the employees and will lead to them being happy because if a customer was angry and was moaning at the employee then it may make them feel down and upset leading to them being unmotivated which will lead to them not being as productive and could lead to them being rude to customers.

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