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Why you should offer Vegan options?

In the last few years, becoming Vegan has become more and more popular. This means that there is a higher demand for vegan options in Restaurants as there are many more people deciding to become vegans. Not many Restaurants offer Vegan dishes, here are a few reasons why you should offer them.

Why you should offer Vegan options?

Unique Selling Point

There are a limited number of restaurants who offer Vegan dishes. This means that if you sold vegan products, you will stand out from your competitors as no one else will offer them. This will lead to you gaining a lot of customers as you will be the only restaurant that will be able to cater for the dietary requirements of vegans. This will lead to the sales increasing leading to the profit margin widening. This will lead to you having an advantage over competitors leading to your share in the market increasing rapidly. Your competitiveness will also increase because you will be offering something which no one else does which will give you less competition. This means that if someone is a vegan, you are the only local restaurant who offer vegan products leading to them having to come to your restaurant which will also increase the sales and profit of your restaurant.

More Loyal Customers

Due to there being a lack of options for Vegans, they are most likely going to become loyal customers as the lack of competition means that there will be no one competing with you. This will mean that the Vegans will most likely come to your restaurant as you will be able the only restaurant who cater for their needs. This will lead to them becoming loyal and repeat purchasing which will increase the sales of the business and will also lead to the profit margin rapidly widening.

Good Ethics

As a Restaurant, it is crucial to have good ethics and one of the biggest criticisms about Restaurants are that they do not have healthy options and all of their products are full of salt and fat and are unhealthy for the public. However, vegan dishes are one of the healthiest products that you can offer as they are normally low in saturated fats and salt. If you offer these products, it will show that you care about the health of your customers and the environment which will give you a good ethical background. This will be recognised by the customers and may lead to them choosing you over competitors because they know that you care about them and the environment. This will lead to your competitiveness increasing leading to the sales increasing which will also lead to the profit margin increasing.

Catering for everyone’s needs

Offering Vegan dishes will mean that you will be catering for all of the customer’s needs and wants, this will allow you to target all different audiences and cater for all of their different needs. This will allow you to gain more customers as you will be catering for a wide range of needs. This will allow you to maximise your sales leading to your profit margin increasing. It will also increase your competitiveness as you will be targeting market segments that the other competitors will not be able to cater for.

Gain Publicity

Offering Vegan options will not go unnoticed, this is because it is very unique for a Restaurant to cater for vegans and the popularity of vegans are increasing. This could lead to the press writing articles about your restaurant and could lead to pictures of your restaurant being in the newspapers and on the internet. This will increase your brand awareness massively as a lot more of the public will see your restaurant and will know key information about it. This will lead to the number of customers you receive increasing as people will read about your restaurant and will find it interesting so will want to visit there. This will lead to the sales increasing which will lead to the profit margin widening and will lead to your restaurant becoming a rapid success.

So as you can see, offering vegan options could make your restaurant the next big thing!

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