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Why You Should Sell Local Food?

There are many benefits to why you should purchase your fresh produce and products from local suppliers and farms. Here are just a few of them:

Why You Should Sell Local Food?

Fresh produce

When buying from commercial suppliers, you will lose the fresh taste of the produce as these fruit and vegetables will have travelled a very long way and will have been tampered with by chemicals so that they keep their colour, shape and taste. However, all of these chemicals which have been used on the produce will lead to them losing their freshness which will lead to them not tasting as nice which could decrease the quality of your products. This is why you should buy locally as the produce will not travel as far and will still have their natural look and taste which will increase the quality of the product which will satisfy the customers leading to them wanting to come back and repeat purchase which could increase sales.

Local foods support local economies

When purchasing your produce and the supplies from local suppliers, it means that the money is staying in the community and bringing more money in the community which will help you as it could lead to the local people having more money and may decide to spend it in your restaurant which will increase your sales and revenue. Buying from local suppliers will also allow you to build relationships with local businesses which could lead you to getting your supplies cheaper which will allow you to widen your profit margin. This could also lead to your sales increasing as the local community may decide to start eating at your restaurant because they know the ingredients are locally sourced which will increase the amount of business you have leading to the revenue increasing.

Unique Selling Point

This can help you separate yourself from the competition by marketing that you are using locally sourced food because it will lead to the public wanting to eat at your restaurant because they know the food is locally produced and will be fresh which will lead to them wanting to buy your products instead of eating from a franchise where the food is not fresh or local. This will lead to your sales increasing which will lead to the profit margin increasing as customers will want to repeat purchase and become loyal customers as they want to eat local foods which will also lead to the competitiveness of your business increasing as your restaurant will stand out from the franchises and will allow your restaurant to compete with the bigger companies.

Protect the Environment

With global warming increasing and the Ozone being destroyed every day, it is important that as a restaurant owner you try and reduce your carbon footprint and help the environment. If you purchase locally, there is a smaller negative impact on the environment because there is a smaller amount of distance travelled by the produce which will limit the amount of air pollution which is created by the trucks and by the machines used for harvesting because they will not have to be used for such a long distance. Also local farmers will not need to use as much pesticide or other chemicals which will go into the atmosphere. However, protecting the environment can also help you boost sales as it will show you to the public as a more ethical company which can be used a unique selling point as it will lead to the public choosing to eat at your restaurant instead of the bigger franchises as they know you are protecting the environment which will increase the amount of sales you make which will lead to the revenue and profit rising and will also increase your competitiveness allowing you to compete with the bigger franchises.

Cheaper than you think

Many people have the idea that local suppliers are extortionately expensive just because they cannot match the huge discounts commercial suppliers can afford to offer. However, you should pay the extra money for the higher quality of produce and the higher quality that your products will potentially be which will lead to the public wanting to purchase them as they know the products will be of a higher quality which will lead to the revenue increasing. So if you think about it, even though you are paying more for your supplies, you will be getting a higher return so your profit margin will continue to increase as people will want to buy the local food. This shows that even though the price will be higher than the price for food that is not fresh and been contaminated with chemicals, it is still worth it as it is only a fraction higher and the food is a higher level of quality that the customers want to eat.

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