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Why your restaurant needs OmniPOS in 2017?

Is your restaurant ready for the New Year? As a restaurateur, it is crucial that your restaurant is prepared for the New Year as technology is changing which means that your customer’s needs and expectations will also change. Many restaurants will find 2017 a challenging year as they will not have the equipment needed to satisfy their customer’s needs and expectations. However, OmniPOS will give you the features that you need so that you can satisfy the changing needs of your customers. Here are a few of the functions that you will have access to when you purchase OmniPOS.

Connect with the Cloud

During the years, the cloud is becoming increasingly powerful. This is why OmniPOS has decided to connect with the cloud so that you can automatically synchronise and back up all of your data straight to the cloud. The cloud has high levels of security which will ensure that your restaurant’s data and your customer’s data is secure and will not be accessed by third parties. Are you always on the go? At WOWPOS, we understand that you will have a busy lifestyle and will not always be in your restaurant to access your system. This is why you will be able to access your system from any device and any location. This will enable you to check the performance of your restaurant wherever you are in the world. OmniPOS is connected with the cloud so that you can manage your restaurant from anywhere.


As a restaurateur, it is crucial that you are able to serve your customers and satisfy their needs at all times. If you were unable to serve your customers, you would struggle to generate sales as customers will become unsatisfied and leave your restaurant which may lead to them avoiding your restaurant. This is why OmniPOS has been designed to be standalone which means that it does not rely on internet to operate. This means that if your internet stops working, you will be able to continue to serve customers which will enable you to increase your sales. OmniPOS ensures that no customers are left hungry. If your system is disconnected, your sales that were processed offline will be automatically synchronised to the cloud when the internet is reconnected. This will ensure that all of your reports are accurate.

Table Ordering

During the recent years, there has been a high demand for quick service in restaurants with many customers choosing where they eat depending on the speed of the service. This shows that in order for your restaurant to lure in customers, you will have to provide your customers with a quick service. When you purchase OmniPOS, you will be able to record orders straight from your customer’s side. This will increase the level of your customer service as your customers will not have to wait long to be served and it will be convenient as they will not have to move from their table. One of the main pet hates of customers is that they have to wait long for their food. If your customers have to wait long for their food, it will lead to them becoming frustrated and leaving your restaurant. This shows that slow service can significantly damage the loyalty of your customers. However, OmniPOS enables you to send your orders directly to the kitchen which enables them to be prepared quicker. The table ordering feature will significantly reduce the waiting times of your customers which will keep your customers loyal and coming back. Don’t let your customer’s food go cold with OmniPOS.

Table Management

At WOWPOS, we understand that sufficient table management is crucial for the success of a restaurant. This is why OmniPOS gives you a wider control over the tables in your restaurant by allowing you to customise the layout of the tables on your screen so that you can replicate the layout of tables in your restaurant. The table management feature enables you to identify which tables are being used and how many people are at each table. This gives you the opportunity to reduce waiting times as you will be able to seat customers as soon as you see that a table is available. Do you struggle to distribute meals quickly? The table management feature displays which orders are needed at each table. Do you take a lot of reservations? You will have the opportunity to integrate your booking software with OmniPOS which will enable you to assign reservations to certain tables. You will be able to prevent the danger of overbooking tables by being able to see which tables are reserved for certain times.

Kitchen Messages

As a restaurateur, you will need to prepare for the wide range of dietary requirements which will be common in 2017 as the demand for gluten free and vegetarian options are significantly increasing. This shows that you will have to be able to cater for a wider range of dietary requirements in order to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. If you do not cater for a wide range of dietary requirements, you will struggle to lure in customers and generate sales. OmniPOS will give you the ability to send messages to the chefs to notify them of any special dietary requirements. This will enable you to satisfy the needs of customers who have special requirements. This could encourage customers to become loyal and repeat purchase as they know that their needs will be met at your restaurant. Never say no to a customer with OmniPOS.

OmniPOS will guide you to a successful 2017.

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