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Why your Restaurant shouldn’t use an old cash register?

In the busy atmosphere of a restaurant, an old cash register would not be able to deal with the high demand of customers. This shows that you will not be able to satisfy the needs of your customers if you are using an outdated cash register. This is because the expectations of customers have advanced during the recent years. If you use an old cash register, you are severely limiting the success of your business.

Why your Restaurant shouldn’t use an old cash register?

Sales Reports

If you are using a traditional cash register, you will be unable to record your previous transactions. This prevents your cash register from being able to produce sales reports. This means when you want to produce a report, you will have to use all of your receipts over a specified period of time so that you can find the relevant information. This shows that you will not be able to quickly find out how your business is performing which could lead to you not identifying issues in your business. This could lead to consequences for the restaurant’s financial status. If you use an old cash register, it will take a lot of time and money to produce a report as you will have to hire an account to add up the receipts.

Stock Control

If you use an old cash register, you will have to manually count your stock and record it on paper. This will cost you a lot of time as you will have to count your stock every day. Due to the cash register being unable to record the stock, you will not be able to quickly check your stock levels. This will mean that you will not know when your stock is running low which could lead to your restaurant running out of ingredients to make meals. This will lead to your customers leaving your restaurant angry and hungry. Running out of stock will lead to customers avoiding your restaurant because their needs will not be met at your restaurant. This will significantly reduce the sales and profit of your restaurant.

Slow service

Quick service is crucial to the success of a restaurant. However, if you are using an old cash register, you will limit the quickness of your service. This is because old cash registers will have slow processing speeds which means that any function you want to carry out will take a long time e.g. printing receipts or processing card payments. Customers will have to wait a long time to be served which will lead to them becoming unsatisfied and leaving your restaurant. If your service is slow, the amount of customers you receive will significantly reduce. Old cash registers are well known for being very confusing to operate. This will lead to your employees being unable to use them efficiently. This means that your employees will make a lot of mistakes which will dramatically reduce the quality of customer service that you provide. If your employees make mistakes, the speed of your service will become very slow as the mistakes will be hard to correct. This will result in your customer’s needs not being met as they will be waiting around for a long time. Using an old cash register will seriously disadvantage your staff. This is because they will have to note orders down on paper and will have to deliver them to the kitchen manually. This will lead to the meals taking longer to cook which will mean that customers will be waiting longer for their meals. This will cause the customers to become unsatisfied due to having to wait for a long time. This shows that old cash registers can significantly damage the loyalty of your customers which will reduce the amount of repeat purchases you receive.


Limited payment methods for customers

Many customers will want to split their bill at a restaurant. However, old cash registers will not be able to automatically split bills which will lead to the employee having to do the maths in their head. This will annoy the customers as they will have to wait a long time for their bill. If the employee has to spilt the bill themselves, there will be more chance of human error. This means that the customers could be charged the incorrect amount for their meals. This will deter customers from your restaurant because it will make your restaurant look unprofessional if you cannot split bills accurately. It could also cost your restaurant a lot of money as your employees may not charge the customers enough. This will dramatically reduce the profit margin of your restaurant.


When you buy a cash register, you will not be provided with maintenance or support from the company. This means that if your cash register breaks, it will not be able to be fixed quickly. This will  prevent your restaurant from being able to serve customers which may cause you to having to close the restaurant until the cash register is fixed. This will dramatically reduce the sales of your restaurant and could lead to you losing a lot of loyal customers.

Getting rid of your old cash register is the first step you need to make in order to run a successful restaurant.

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