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WOWPOS Stories: Carpathia

Carpathia is a small Romanian Café in East Ham, London. Carpathia came to WOWPOS to find an EPOS system that would help them with the running of their business. Carpathia bought the WOWPOS Hospitality system so that they could bring the taste of Romania to London with the help of a high-quality customer experience. Carpathia offers a wide range of Romanian delicacies.

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Fast Processing Speeds

The fast processing speeds enables Carpathia to serve customers quickly which has reduced the waiting times of customers as the queues are shorter. Carpathia has used the wide range of functions that their system provides them to increase the efficiency of their café.

Happy Staff

Carpathia have been able to get rid of their old cash register and have upgraded with WOWPOS. The employees of Carpathia are very pleased with the WOWPOS system because it has made their lives easier when they are serving customers. This has allowed them to ensure they are charging the correct prices for their products. It has also enabled them to offer customers a higher level of customer service. WOWPOS has helped put the smile on the faces of Carpathia’s customers.

Kitchen Printer

WOWPOS has enabled Carpathia to print orders from their kitchen orders which has ensured that all orders have been made quickly and effectively. This has led to the satisfaction of Carpathia’s customers increasing.

Stock Control

WOWPOS has saved the Carpathia’s owner a lot of time as they do not have to count the stock themselves. The stock control feature enables the owner to be able to see how much stock the café has at all times. This ensures that the café always has sufficient stock to serve their customers.

Free Lifetime Support

The technicians at WOWPOS have given Carpathia all of the support they need in order to give London a taste of Romania. Every time Carpathia called, WOWPOS answered and found a solution for their issue. WOWPOS provides all of the support that Carpathia needs for no extra cost. This enables Carpathia to efficiently manage their costs by not having to pay monthly costs.

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