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WOWPOS Stories: Two Buns

Two Buns is a fast food restaurant situated in Harrow which specialises in providing their customers with high quality beef burgers and chicken burgers. They also provide their customers with a range of sides to give their customers a high-quality customer experience.

Bad Experience

Two Buns previously went with another EPOS provider but experienced some problems which was preventing them from offering their customers a high-quality experience. WOWPOS decided to visit Two Buns and give them some help so that they could provide their customers with a high level of customer service.

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Poor Internet Connection

Their previous EPOS system was slow due to the internet connection being poor. This meant that it took a long time for Two Buns to serve customers which led to the waiting time for customers increasing. This had a negative impact on the customer experience that Two Buns offered as the queues were becoming longer.

Monthly Costs

This was not the only issue as Two Buns were being charged monthly costs for access to the software and maintenance. This led to the costs of Two Buns dramatically increasing which had a negative impact on the profit of the business.

How WOWPOS helped

WOWPOS decided to help Two Buns by installing our hospitality software onto the previous provider’s hardware. Two Buns decided to purchase our hospitality software because it would increase the efficiency of their business. It was also a cheap option as they did not have to fork out for new hardware which allowed Two Buns to limit their costs. WOWPOS provided Two Buns with an affordable solution with a wide range of functions which allows Two Buns to increase the efficiency of their business and enables them to offer a higher level of customer service. Two Buns were very pleased with the lifetime support that they received for no extra cost.

Satisfied customer

Two Buns found the WOWPOS system very easy to set up. They also were able to be trained to use the system very quickly which allowed them to start using their WOWPOS system to serve customers instantly. The WOWPOS software is very robust and gave Two Buns the opportunity to add customer modules, delivery management and Caller ID. These extra functions enabled Two Buns to take their customer service to the next level. The WOWPOS software has everything Two Buns needs to increase the efficiency of their restaurant.

The WOWPOS support team was happy to help Two Buns at any time of day so that Two Buns could continue to provide customers with the better burger.

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