SP-630 Quick Setup Guide

  1. Unpack the cash drawer and place the cash drawer in the desired location.
  2. Unpack the SP-630 and any peripherals.
  3. Place the SP-630 in the desired location and tilt the screen back to horizontal.
  4. Connect the peripherals. You may wish to route the cables through the stand to tidy the installation.
    • Connect the USB cable from the receipt printer to the USB4 port.
    • Connect the cash drawer to the Cash Drawer port.
    • Connect the printer power cable to the printer.
    • Connect the Keyboard to the USB2 port.
    • Connect the Mouse to the USB3 port.
    • Connect the barcode scanner to the USB1 port.
    • Connect a network cable to the Ethernet port. This should connect to your network switch, hub or router.

    • Any other USB peripherals will need to be connected via a USB hub (not supplied).
    • If you have a Chip and Pin PED, connect this to COM1.
      If you have a weighing scale, connect this to COM2.
    • Connect the green power adapter to the green power port.
      Connect the power cable to the adapter.
      Plug this and the printer power cable in to a suitable filtered and surge protected socket.
  5. Tilt the screen down to a position of comfortable use and remove the protective cover.
  6. Load paper into the receipt printer. Follow the instructions enclosed with the printer.
  7. Power on the system.
    The power button is at the bottom of the screen on the right.
  8. Follow the on screen instructions
  9. Enjoy the wowpos solution.