Epos Systems for shoe store in UK

WOWPOS serving Shoe Stores

As comfortable as your shoes are, be as comfortable with the all-in-one WOWPOS solution and remain one foot out compare to your competition. Fit your customers’ needs by fulfilling their requirements, whilst WOWPOS’s easy to use functions will grow your business rapidly. WOWPOS is the proven super bundle for Shoe stores.

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Automated Inventory Replenishment

Smart purchasing tool tells you when you are running low on a product and automates your re-ordering with one supplier or various suppliers.It will also display stock value instantly, enabling you to make smart decisions on promotions and pricing.


E-commerce Platform

Take your business online and integrate with a custom site. Inventory management on and off-line becomes synchronisedto ensure you are aware of stock levels at all times. Connect orders directly made, which will be also sent directly to your team, whilst you sit back and watch your sales grow with less hassle. Grow your business whilst you rest.



Grow your business with WOWPOS whether it be 1-100 systems in different locations. Manage accounts, users and ensure your business is performing at its best at different locations with cutting-edge analytical tools. Continue to track performance keeping in line sales and inventory levels with effective staff management.


Rapid Sales Transactions

Generate barcodes and print labels enabling you to sell unique pieces from smaller, independent suppliers. Barcoded items and laser barcode scanners mean transactions are superfast and accurate, zapping queue time dramatically. Simply, search, add, edit or remove-the variety in product attributes which can been seen as images, helping you as a business to identify the bestselling products as they change throughout the year.


Sales Analytics& Loyalty scheme

Make sure you take care of your regular customers, by creating a customer loyalty scheme and ensure they keep coming back. Manage customers by reviewing analytics on regular product and service purchases in order to build a better relationship, being able to send thoughtful promotional vouchers, gifts or invitations via email from one system.